The Ashford standing desk is a must have for kids study area

Why a Standing Desk is the New Must-Have Item for Back to School

When we think of back to school shopping, we traditionally think of things our kids will use in the classroom. Pens, pencils, notebooks, maybe even laptops or tablets. But we may not think as much about the things our kids will use for school while they’re at home. Things that will make homework and studying easier, more successful – and healthier? Yes, maybe healthier when we consider adding a standing desk from Twin Star Home™ to their home study area.

The Facts about Kids, Health, and Standing Desks

The bottom line when it comes to children and health: kids sit too much. A host of organizations are alarmed about the small amount of time kids spend being active and the outsized amount of time they spend seated and in front of screens. Everyone from the World Health Organization to teenagers themselves are noticing these unhealthy habits and looking for answers. So, you can take the reins and take a step to helping your child find a better balance between sitting and being more active.

Can a standing desk help my child sit less throughout the day?

The World Health Organization is advocating less sitting and more activity for children, starting at young ages to institute healthy habits.

The World Health Organization noted that over 23 percent of adults and over 80 percent of adolescents do not get enough physical activity in its recently released guidelines for the amount of activity young children should get. And, one of their reasons for focusing on early childhood activity was to stress the importance of setting good habits and expectations for kids early because it can have a lifelong impact on health. So, in other words, if your child spends less time sitting now, they are more inclined to be healthier adults. And maybe they will grow up to be adults who expect things like a standing desk as part of a “good” job.

Choosing the Right Standing Desk

Selecting the right standing desk is easy. Twin Star Home, leader in electronic adjustable height desks, offers a variety of options – all with smooth motorized function to make adjusting the desk easy and hassle free. This is important because a manual standing desk that is difficult to operate will probably find one position and remain there. Some desktop adjustable height desks are heavy, especially with a computer monitor on top. They could be too much for children to manage.

What is the right way to use my standing desk?

A few pointers can help make sure your student will have an optimal experience with their standing desk.

So, a desk like the Ashford from Twin Star Home™ will make adjusting the desk to the perfect height for your child as easy as 1-2-3. With three adjustable height presets, more than one user can save their perfect height and put the desk there with the touch of a button. It also features a GetActive™ timer that can be set for reminders to stand. With three USB charging ports and a locking button to prevent accidental adjustments, your child will have everything they need to keep working easily at their fingertips. And, if they’re anything like kids, they will fall in love with the dry-erase glass top they can use as a whiteboard while they’re working. What kid doesn’t want to be able to scribble equations, to-do lists, or unicorns on their desk?

Is there a standing desk with a matching bookcase?

The Ashford collection offers several pieces to accompany your standing desk. A filing cabinet, a TV stand with electric fireplace, and a bookcase with vertical dividers and two large drawers all help to create a coordinated room. Styled by Breegan Jane.

Standing Desks Offer a Host of Benefits

You may want to give your child a healthier way to work – but have you considered other potential benefits?

For example, many standing desk users report feeling more energetic and alert. But even more than that, a Texas A&M study found that standing as you work may actually increase productivity. And, as parents, we can all imagine what that might look like when you’re talking about kids – you know, maybe…. better grades?

And especially, for students that have learning exceptionalities, a standing desk can be a major boon to learning. The Children’s Attention Project in Melbourne Australia is part of the Murdoch Research Institute and suggests allowing students with ADHD to stand during class if it’s not too disruptive as classroom management technique.

Brian Avolio, a middle school Special Education teacher at Northeast Guilford Middle School in McLeansville, North Carolina incorporated standing desks, including the Tresanti adjustable height desk, into his classroom, as well as other non-traditional learning tools and noticed a marked improvement in student performance. Talking about the Tresanti, he said, “Your product is fantastic!  I would highly recommend these in any classroom!! It gives my learners a new way ‘to rise to new levels’!”

Avolio also noticed that his students who can move more throughout the day seem calmer and less erratic than other students – even in settings like PE. He summed it up like this, “Everyone else is pinned at a desk.”

What are You Waiting For? Get that Standing Desk Today

There are so many reasons to consider making a standing desk part of back to school shopping this year. But really, they all boil down to the same reason. Parents always want to do whatever we can to make our kids’ lives better, healthier, and happier. Always.

So visit us at Twin Star Home today to learn more about what a difference a standing desk can make.