A TV stand with a vibrant electric fireplace and Bluetooth compatible speakers in a room decorated for the holidays complete with a Christmas tree.

3 Reasons Why a Bluetooth® TV Stand Is Perfect for the Holidays

When it comes to preparing your home for the holidays, there are many things to consider. Colder weather, shorter days, seasonal cravings, and entertaining are all part of the season. So, it’s important to be ready with the right furniture. And that may mean upgrading to a Bluetooth® compatible TV stand from Twin Star Home™ (like the one shown above, for example) that will allow you to enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment like never before. Here, we’ll address just three of the reasons you’ll want to consider a new TV stand this fall.

#1 – Better Sound with a Bluetooth compatible TV Stand

If you struggle with the question of how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a TV, this can make it simple. With Bluetooth speakers integrated into a TV stand, it’s easy to set up your sound system to stream audio or with a wired connection to your TV. No matter which movies, shows or sports you enjoy, premium sound in the comfort of home will make you feel thankful you decided to invest in a Bluetooth TV stand. For instance, you’ll experience booming theatre-quality sound while snuggling up on the couch to watch your favorite holiday flick. And the sports fans in your family will love the detailed audio that feels like having front row seats at the game.

To bring out the best in whatever you decide to watch, we recommend the Enterprise Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand with Electric Fireplace. Able to accommodate televisions up to 60” and 50 pounds, it features an integrated six-speaker soundbar and a powered subwoofer that can connect to any Bluetooth compatible device. For added flexibility, A/V hookups support wired connections as well. So, whether you’re binge-watching your favorite show or streaming tunes for your holiday party, you’ll love the high quality sound.

A gray Enterprise(TM) entertainment center featuring a TV with electric fireplace and bluetooth compatible speakers in a gray room with beautiful natural light.

The Enterprise collection features a Bluetooth® compatible TV stand with electric fireplace, plus top and bottom units to form storage piers for a coordinated entertainment center.

#2 – The Best TV Stand for Extra Storage

If you’ve recently thought you could use some added storage space, you’re not alone. Most of us have more clutter at home than we’d like, and research suggests clutter can cause stress*. Fortunately, a new TV stand can be a simple way to take control of extra stuff. When you invest in a TV stand with Bluetooth compatible speakers, you are not just upgrading your entertainment experience. You are also adding plenty of new storage space to stow away your living room must-haves for the holidays. From extra throw blankets to candles and coasters, you’ll have the perfect spot to keep items handy without creating clutter.

One Bluetooth TV stand that offers premium storage is the Wilder Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand with Electric Fireplace. Two storage cabinets are hidden behind faux-drawer doors, each with an adjustable shelf that lets you customize the interior space. The built-in electric fireplace from ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces, brings warmth and beauty to your viewing area with Spectrafire® flame effects that are sure to delight your family and guests. Plus, our patented Safer Plug® fire prevention technology gives you peace of mind for your home and family’s safety.

For those who need additional storage space, the Wilder TV stand pairs perfectly with the Wilder Storage Pier to create the ultimate entertainment center worthy of your favorite Pinterest boards. No matter which configuration you choose, you’ll come away with functional storage that looks spectacular in your space.

A wood look entertainment center featuring a TV stand with electric fireplace and bluetooth compatible speakers under a sign that says "Home: A place of belonging."

The Wilder Bluetooth compatible TV stand with electric fireplace and matching storage piers helps control clutter.

#3 – Bluetooth compatible speakers are not just for TV

On cold nights when staying in sounds great, your Bluetooth TV stand can help keep you entertained. Take the Heathrow Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand with Electric Fireplace, for example. You can store and display a multitude of items in its stylish cabinets including knick-knacks and board games. And when you break out those board games for a night of fun with friends, everyone can cozy up around the electric fireplace. To really make it a party, built-in speakers let you stream a festive playlist or enjoy a favorite movie together.


A TV stand with electric fireplace and bluetooth compatible speakers with football on TV in a room with a view of snow covered trees outside.

The Heathrow Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand with Electric Fireplace lets you stream music while adding style and warmth.

Find Your Ideal TV Stand with Twin Star Home

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