What is accent furniture?

What is Accent Furniture?

What’s accent furniture? And how do you use it in your home? At Twin Star Home™, we know there are many different elements that come together to make a room. You have the main furniture, the accent furniture and the décor. Of those three elements, probably the least understood is accent furniture. Even so, sometimes the accent pieces you bring in are some of the most important.

Defining Accent Furniture

The word accent is defined as a distinctive manner of expression. In music, an accent adds emphasis to a certain note or chord. With regards to language, an accent adds character to a person.  In words, an accent mark above a letter means it needs to be pronounced in a special way.

In regard to home design, accent furniture functions in much the same way. An accent adds character and personality to a room while helping to define the space. Take the living room for example. You have the big essential items, like a couch, coffee table and TV stand. But, it would look pretty empty and bland if that’s all you had in the room.

When it all boils down, accent furniture allows you to stylize the room. It lets you play with colors, shapes, patterns, textures and treatments. Not only that, but it can also make a room more functional. Accent chairs provide an extra place for guests to sit, while accent tables can be used to store and display books, photos and other odds and ends.

So, as you can see, accent furniture has a very important role to play. If you’re trying to style a room, think about what kinds of pieces might work best in that space. Here are some ideas to help spark your creativity.

Accent Furniture in Action

Side Tables

The Wright™ “C” side table (seen below) is the perfect example of an accent piece. Its sharp edges and distinct lines can reinforce the modern look of a living room. It’s finished in a deep, rich tone to offset the rest of the room and create visual interest.

What is a "C" side table?

The Wright™ collection from Twin Star Home™ features accent pieces like a striking coffee table and a “C” side table.

Moreover, this side table is still very functional. It has a slim base that can be tucked underneath the couch to save space. Plus, the top offers plenty of room to put a laptop, magazine or coffee cup. But even when you’re not using this table, it’s still serving a purpose. And that is to make the room feel more styled and inviting.

Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace can bring a whole lot more than heat to a room. It can also be the perfect accent piece to add a cozy warmth to your home decor. Think a fireplace is just too much work to install and maintain? If so, you’re right. That’s why an electric fireplace with little-to-no maintenance is the perfect option for bringing a room together. Not only are electric fireplaces sustainable and better for the environment, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of chopping wood, cleaning a chimney, or breathing in harsh by-products. And still, you get the beauty of dancing flames right in your home.

Is a wall mantel electric fireplace accent furniture?

A shiplap wall mantel electric fireplace can add warmth, ambiance and style to any room as it provides supplemental zone heating for up to 400 square feet to help you save money.

Wall mantel electric fireplaces, like the one seen here, come in a variety of design themes. This one has shiplap details that make coastal style a breeze, but can easily tie together your glam, transitional, or even modern farmhouse decor. The top surface of the mantel also expands your decorating options. Use it to layer your favorite art pieces instead of hanging them on the wall. If you are low on table space, place a vase of fresh flowers or your most recent read on top of it.

Can I get accent furniture that heats my home with PanoGlow?

For a space-saving fireplace that offers three-sided viewing of dancing flame effects, this ClassicFlame® PanoGlow™ electric fireplace is just the thing.

This ClassicFlame® PanoGlow™ electric fireplace is a slightly smaller option for beautiful accent furniture in your home. Brilliant flames can be seen from any seat in the room with the three-sided glass display. What better way to set the mood for family get-togethers or hosting friends? The chevron-patterned back panel features a mix of faux wood finishes and is ideal for pairing with any type of style in your home.

Wine Cabinets

Speaking of entertaining, don’t forget about the wine! When it comes to accent furniture, pieces like tables and chairs are to be expected. But don’t forget about other types of furniture, like wine cabinets. A wine cabinet is a great way to style a living room or dining room. It won’t take up much space and the cabinet doors are usually decorated with unique treatments.

Some wine cabinets aren’t even limited to wine. The Uptown Loft™ wine cabinet from Twin Star Home comes with three reversible shelves in case you want to use it for regular storage instead of just for wine bottles. It also has a drawer, where you can keep corkscrews, bar towels and wine charms. When you’re not looking in the cabinet for your favorite bottle, the closed doors with frosted glass panels bring lots of style to the space.

If the industrial style isn’t for you, consider Twin Star Home’s Modern Dweller™ wine cabinet. It boasts a modern design with contrasting finishes. On the cabinet doors, Aged Brushed Brass hardware and geometric shapes emphasize your personal style. It’s perfect if you have other brass-colored accents throughout the room.

Where can I find a stylish mid century bar cabinet?

The Modern Dweller™ collection from Twin Star Home includes accent furniture like a wine cabinet and sleek, round side table, both with Aged Brushed Brass details.

A third option is the Twin Star Home Swedish Classics™ wine cabinet. The details add just a bit of drama and texture for the perfect accent piece. Its Baltic Blue finish and reeded panels help you accent your space for a casual, coastal look. Plus, it’s fully functional. Behind the cabinet doors, you’ll find a drawer, shelf and wine cubbies to hold all your supplies.

Where can I find a coastal style wine cabinet?

The Swedish Classics™ wine cabinet and side table feature reeded paneling and a Baltic Blue finish.

Add the Finishing Touches to Your Home

Twin Star Home offers a large selection of beautiful, quality accent furniture. Shop the latest collections to discover all sorts of ways to bring your home to life. Whether you’re styling your living room, dining room, bedroom or office, remember that accent pieces are the key to tying it all together. Browse the website now to find inspired styles for every taste.