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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Balance with Home Furnishings (Part II)

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Finding mental, physical, and spiritual balance for yourself is especially important in times of upheaval. Not sure where to start? A few upgrades at home can make finding time and peace for yourself much easier. In this installment of our guide to finding balance, we share more ideas for activities and home furnishings to help you feel calmer, happier, and more hopeful each day.

Make Your Command Center a Creativity Zone

Your desk is your command center. It’s where you pay bills, focus on important projects, and for the time being, quite possibly where you work from home. If you’re seeking easy ways to be more creative and explore emotions when not working, a desk can also function as an art therapy center. This type of self-care allows people to express their feelings in a variety of creative formats that open new ways of thinking and release negative emotions. It also helps us reflect on issues and memories that are difficult to put into words.

For a few ideas to get started, consider these art therapy activities:

  • Creating a Mask: Making and decorating a papier-mâché mask can help you tap into certain parts of yourself that you may often conceal in daily life. You could even learn a few things about yourself!
  • Making a Self-Care Box: No one knows what comforts you as well as you do. Cover a box with positive affirmations, inspiring imagery, and colors you love. Once dry, fill it with photos, essential oils, mementos, and anything else that makes you feel balanced and content. This is a great way to take advantage of extra time at home to catch up on projects that never quite make it to the top of your list, like organizing keepsakes.
  • Draw Your Emotions: If you feel anxiety or sadness often, sketch or paint the first images that come to mind. You’ll release negativity and gain clarity.

Clutter can be a major source of stress, especially if more of your professional work is happening at home now. So, choose a desk with ample storage to keep your workspace tidy. Add containers to drawers to organize paint, colored pencils, markers, and cutting tools, or stack paper and other supplies neatly on shelves.

Staying Healthy with a Standing Desk at Home

Inactivity is bad for the body and bad for our minds. In fact, studies showed that running for just 15 minutes or walking for an hour reduce the risk of depression by 26%. When you can’t find time for a trip to the gym, upgrading your home office with a standing desk is the next best thing.

A white standing desk with a curved front and glass top with a yellow lamp and pencil holder on top.
A standing desk is a great way to add balance to your life.

If you imagine these desks require you to stand all day, think again. Even a few minutes of standing throughout the day offers numerous health benefits over long periods of uninterrupted sitting. And compared to sitting for the same period, standing burns more than 170 additional calories as a bonus. Standing while you work loosens the muscles in your back to reduce pain and improves circulation in your legs. Beyond the physical benefits, standing also boosts your mood and increases energy. And this may improve productivity – something you might really need if you’re suddenly working at home with added distractions or now attending classes online at home.

Experts suggest you start slow with a standing desk. Look for models that include timers to remind you when you should stand. Then aim for a few minutes every hour. When you get up, incorporate simple stretches that relax the body and the mind. By the end of the day, you may find a sense of balance you’ve been missing with the help of your new home furnishings.

Home Furnishings for Improving Your Mood Through Music

Multiple studies show that music is an effective mood booster and stress reliever. Everyone has a selection of favorite songs that help them feel happy, confident, and ready for anything. If you’re feeling out of sorts, the right songs make all the difference.

Find your bliss with a sliding barn door TV stand with Bluetooth® compatible speakers like the one shown below, that lets you pump up the volume – and even have an impromptu dance party in your living room. These stands feature integrated speakers that wirelessly connect to your phone, tablet, or computer. That way you can stream a mood-boosting playlist for an instant pick-me-up. Belt out inspiring lyrics, show off your best moves, or simply soak in the sounds to reap the psychological benefits of song.

A modern farmhouse TV stand with sliding barn doors and Bluetooth compatible speakers with the word Bluetooth in a circle on the speaker.
Adding music with home furnishings like a TV stand with Bluetooth® compatible speakers makes life more relaxing.

Embrace Mindful Décor with the Right Home Furnishings

An ancient Chinese philosophy, feng shui brings balance to our living spaces to steady the mind. Today, feng shui still plays an important role in interior design, encouraging alignment with the natural world for a more harmonious home. This approach is especially helpful for anyone feeling the stress of crowding, clutter, and other factors in their home décor. Try a few of these home furnishings tips to bring your space into alignment:

  • Maintain open space in every room. Avoid placing a coffee table or other furnishings that interrupt flow in the center of the room.
  • Choose the right size for your space. Look for tasteful accent and end tables that add visual interest without overcrowding. Plus, if you choose a side table with integrated USB charging like the one shown below, you’ll love having a spot close at hand where you can keep charge the devices that help you stay connected like phones and tablets.
  • Watch for obstructions. Maintain a clear path that lets you move without restriction.
A two-tone black and brown side table with a smart phone plugged into the integrated USB charging port and a terrarium on top of the table.
An end table with USB charging is a great place for plants that have a calming effect.

We grow desensitized to clutter and obstructions over time, but a fresh look can reveal new ways to organize your home. You may even see opportunities for greater balance in other areas of your life as well.

Achieve True Balance with your Home Furnishings

Our environment has a powerful effect on our happiness, health, and balance. If you’re spending a lot more time at home and feel you’re in need of re-centering, a few quick additions to your living and working areas can be just the thing to refresh your perspective and your décor. Don’t forget to check out the first part in our series on finding balance with home furnishings, and browse more ideas and inspiration on the Twin Star Home® blog.