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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Balance with Home Furnishings (Part I)

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Modern life is hectic and more than a little anxiety-inducing. That makes it harder – and even more important – to find quality time for yourself. Doing so is easier said than done, but the right home furnishings are a great start. In fact, your décor plays an important role in staying connected with your goals, eliminating stress and anxiety, and finding inner confidence. In the first part of our guide to finding balance with home furnishings, we’ll take a look at some smart tips and a few of the pieces that help make self-care simpler.

Unplug and Focus Around an Electric Fireplace

It’s easy to see why homeowners love electric fireplaces. Not only are they beautiful, but they also make any room more inviting. For those seeking more balance in life, they’re also a great way to focus on what really matters – quality time together.

Did you know? The average person spends about 5 hours on their phone each day. Maybe even more if everyone is cooped up in the house. If you and your family spend more time scrolling than talking, laughing, and sharing, finding ways to scale back social media time may be appealing, especially with everyone spending more time together. As an alternative to some of that time spent on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram this week, maybe gather around an electric fireplace like a rustic barn-door style TV Stand for TVs up to 55” with electric fireplace. Break out the board games, serve up some snacks, and turn off your phones. You’ll enjoy the quality time and a little freedom from the pressures of life online and constant news updates.

A two-tone modern farmhouse style gray and brown TV stand with electric fireplace and criss-cross barn door style mullions in a room with a gray couch, world map and tufted rug.
Sitting in front of an electric fireplace is a great time to journal or interact with loved ones, without screen time and phones.

You’ve taken care of your family, but what about yourself? When stress runs high, your electric fireplace is the perfect spot to get in touch with your emotions and regain balance. Grab a journal and a cup of tea, and settle in for a moment of quiet reflection. Or maybe roll out your mat and do some yoga in front of the dancing flames. Either option can be an excellent way to focus on gratitude and bring yourself a little peace.

Balanced Diet, Balanced Life with Home Furnishings to Help

The foods we eat play an important role in how we feel physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, healthy meals take time you often don’t have. Add in a steady stream of lattes, takeout, and vending machine snacks, and you may find yourself tired, distracted, and downright cranky.

The secret to finding time to eat right lies in optimizing your kitchen for quick, healthy snacks to keep you powered up all day long. Smoothies offer an ideal solution, and creating a smoothie station in your kitchen makes it easy to blend up a delicious, nutritious concoction in just minutes. Add a simple, but stylish rolling kitchen cart, in white or gray, to provide a work area without taking up valuable counter space. The open top offers space to slice up fruit and veggies, while shelves and two drawers make room for glasses, add-ins, and your blender or multi-cooker when they’re not in use.

A two-tone gray and light wood kitchen cart with drawers, glass pane door, open shelves and towel rack.
A kitchen cart can add the workspace any kitchen needs for making cucumber juice or smoothies.

Once you’re prepared to enjoy your own home smoothie bar, add a few superfoods into the mix. Cucumber juice is a good source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as magnesium and potassium. Include it in your green smoothies or with citrus fruits for a refreshing burst of flavor. Sea moss is another prime choice for increasing energy, building immunity, and aiding digestion. Best of all, you can add it to any smoothie without affecting the flavor.

Soothe Your Mind with Essential Oils

Sometimes a deep breath is all you need to restore balance. Essential oils enhance the effects of mindful breathing with soothing scents to calm your thoughts. If you find yourself working from home and stressed about completing tasks in a less serene environment, consider a diffuser.

There are many scents to choose from, but ylang ylang has been proven to reduce stress, relieve headaches, and even lower high blood pressure. Add a few drops to your diffuser, and soon you’ll find yourself relaxed and focused for the task ahead. When your workspace is short on outlets, a desk with built-in USB charging port to power a diffuser is the perfect solution. The desk is as attractive as it is functional, featuring a minimalist design that banishes visual clutter from your work area for a sleek appearance. With a beautiful place to work and a new sense of balance, taking on a big task or catching up on your to-do list has never been easier.

A desk with dark top and open gold metal frame with flowers on top in a room with a striking gray wall.
A desk with integrated USB charging is a great place for a diffuser or fresh flowers for a calming atmosphere.

Keeping Life Balanced with Your Home Furnishings

When you start each day with a sense of inner balance, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Fortunately, doing so can be easier with home furnishings that help support you through any kind of change. Be sure to check out the second part in our series on home décor for balance, and browse furniture for the living roomoffice, and more at Twin Star Home®.