Enterprise TV stand by Twin Star Home with matching storage piers in a gray living room.

TV Stand Buying Guide: Features, Function and Style

If you just purchased a brand-new TV, there’s no doubt you’re excited to set it up and watch your favorite movies or check out the big game. Before you do, however, you’ll need a TV stand that ensures you can view the screen comfortably and provides all the features required to make the most of your entertainment area. In this TV stand buying guide, we’ll offer a few simple tips to help you find the best options.

TV Stand Size and Placement

Before looking into TV stands, you need to know the size of your television. This is more complicated than it seems, because manufacturers measure the display diagonally from corner to corner rather than straight across. So, if you purchase a 65-inch TV, the actual width of the screen will be slightly less. At the same time, the diagonal measurement only includes the screen itself, and does not account for the bezel. To get the most accurate measurements for your TV, be sure to check the user manual.

TV stand in a living room with a TV displaying a football on a field.

Finding the right TV stand for your new TV is an important way to prep for the big game.

If you already own a TV, this information will allow you to choose a stand that fits. Keep in mind that your TV stand should match or exceed the full width of the TV. This helps prevent tipping and balances weight across the stand. In general, it also creates a more attractive look.

For homeowners still shopping for a TV, it’s important to take the size of the room and the location and height of your furniture into account. To determine the right TV size*, measure the distance between viewers and the screen. The larger the distance, the larger your TV can be, requiring a larger stand. Next, take a seat. Your TV stand should hold the TV at eye level so there’s no need to crane your neck.

Tip: Mark out eye level and the dimensions of your TV in painter’s tape where you will place the stand. Take measurements based on the tape to achieve the right height.

TV Stand Storage and More

From your cable box and Blu-ray player to receivers and gaming consoles, your A/V components require stable, organized storage. In addition to room for components, you also need enough space for proper ventilation. These devices heat up during use, and sufficient airflow helps avoid overheating.

Your TV stand is also a good place to store movies and games, accessories and even throw blankets and toys. Options with open shelving allow you to showcase these items, making it easy to display your favorite titles. To present a neat, streamlined look, choose a stand with doors that conceal items within.

A Tv stand with black frame and light wood byspass doors displays ocean waves on the screen before the superbowl.

A TV stand with sliding by-pass doors is a great way to conceal clutter you don’t need out in the open.

When evaluating your storage needs, be sure to look for:

  • Shelves: Check how many shelves are available, as well as how many can be adjusted.
  • Doors: Many wood and metal doors don’t allow remote signals to pass through when closed and must stay open during use. Most glass doors allow IR (infrared) pass-through and will conceal the contents inside if tinted.
  • Drawers: If you need storage for remotes, game controllers and other small accessories, drawers offer easy access.
  • Cable management: Look for options with cable ports that let you draw cords neatly through the back of the stand (all the TV stands from Twin Star Home® include pass-through holes for wire management).

Tip: For an ideal blend of concealed and open storage, the Springdale TV Stand features sliding doors to let IR signals reach your devices and conceal items stored in the side cabinets. The stand’s center section also features two shelves (one is adjustable) for three levels of storage. And, it enhances décor with its barn door styling.

TV stand with sliding doors is styled with books and home accents in a living room.

The Springdale TV stand features open front and concealed storage.

Special Features

Your TV stand can bring a lot more to your home theater than storage. In fact, you’ll find that many models today are loaded with unique features to help you enjoy entertainment and your home theater that much more. A few of these include:

A TV stand with ClassicFlame electric fireplace and a faux stone surrounds adds a mountain lodge feeling to a living room.

A Bluetooth compatible TV stand with electric fireplace adds sound, warmth and beauty to your TV viewing. 

  • Wine racks: A built-in wine rack not only keeps your collection close at hand, but also lets you showcase your love of wine in a sophisticated way.
  • Fireplaces: Placing your TV on a traditional wall mantel for a wood-burning fireplace isn’t always a smart move – uncontrolled heat from a real fire can cause damage, dangling wires are unsightly and there’s no guarantee the mantel is strong enough to support the display’s weight. To achieve a more elegant take on this look, consider a TV stand with a built-in fireplace. We love the Gretchen TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ with Electric Fireplace. Its PanoGlow™ design provides a striking view of realistic dancing flames from three sides, while 5,200 BTUs of heat keep you cozy. To enjoy your fireplace year-round, turn off the heat and let the simulated flames glow.
A TV stand with a PanoGlow electric fireplace displays realistic flames with three-sided viewing.

A TV stand with PanoGlow™ electric fireplace offers striking views from three sides of beautiful dancing flames.

Choose Your TV Stand Today

Now that you know how to choose the right TV stand, it’s easy to find options that provide the perfect complement to your home décor. Need more tips for outfitting your home? Check out ideas and inspiration from Twin Star Home®. And you can get even more styling tips and tricks when you subscribe to the Twin Star Home email newsletter!