Where can I find accent furniture with USB charging for a college dorm room?

Top 5 Stylish Dorm Room Accent Furniture Ideas

How will you decorate your dorm room this semester? Will it be a calm, peaceful retreat after a long day of classes? The hub where all your friends can gather on the weekends? Or will it be a place that shows off your style and personality to a T? No matter what look you’re going for, it’s important that your dorm room feels like home. After all, the furniture and décor you select now can help set the stage for the rest of the year.

To help inspire your own dorm room style, check out these back-to-school essentials from Twin Star Home™.

1. Desk – The Star of the Show

First things first – you want to make sure you are set up for success, so the desk is one of the most important pieces in the room.

Most dorm rooms come with a desk, but they’re not usually the most stylish or functional pieces. If your college allows it, you may want to swap the provided desk out for one of your own. You can go for a traditional student desk, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a modern twist like USB charging. The desk shown above is a simple industrial style writing desk with open architecture shelves AND integrated USB charging. Plus, it assembles in minutes!

What is the best desk for a college dorm room?

A simple writing desk can make life easier for students with built-in USB charging.

Another option is a standing desk. Adjustable height desks are ideal for health- and fitness-minded students, as they help keep you active while you study. But they’re also a great option for students who are looking to adopt some healthy new habits. Chiropractors and other people in health-related professions are advocates of these desks as great for developing healthy work habits.

Dr. Josh Jagoda, of San Diego Spine & Sports Wellness, says, “I love to let my patients know about the Tresanti standing desk because it’s a great way to add movement to their day and help relieve the pain of being in one position for hours on end. Being able to customize it to the perfect height with the touch of a button makes it simple to use and helps keep energy and productivity up!”

Some adjustable height desks (like the Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk available at Costco) also come with built-in USB ports, which are super convenient for staying charged and connected, as well as dry-erase desktops for jotting down notes.

Is a standing desk good accent furniture for a dorm room?

A standing desk, like the Ashford from Twin Star Home™, is a great way to make studying easier, with the option to stand (and a glass top you can write on!).

2. Storage Ottoman – Sneaky Accent Furniture

Your college dorm isn’t complete without a storage ottoman. Students love these because they help minimize clutter while providing an extra place for guests to sit. They’re great for storing all kinds of things, from your textbooks to your shoes to your hair tools, to keep your room looking put-together and organized. The Don’t Fret Storage Ottoman from Twin Star Home even comes with optional file bars to store important papers throughout the semester. And when your friends stop by, they’ll have a cushioned place to relax.

It’s sized perfectly to fit under a desk, makes for a comfortable footrest for any couch or chair and is trendy enough to feature as a stand-alone accent piece. And the best part – there is no assembly required, so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

3. Accent Cabinet – Multifunctional, Stylish, Perfect

An accent cabinet is another versatile piece of accent furniture that can help any college student stay organized. The Ashford Storage Cabinet (OT10444-31 TPP01) is a great place to start. Its contemporary design features a gray finish and double glass doors to accent any student’s tastes. Inside, the adjustable shelf and sliding bottom shelf make the perfect spots for a printer, office supplies, and game consoles. Its flat top is a great place to display family photos and other reminders of home.

Another great option is an accent cabinet like the one shown below that offers added storage for clothes, towels, school supplies, snacks, or a few kitchen items like plastic cups and plates. This can also make a great station for microwaves and coffee makers.

Is an accent cabinet good accent furniture for a college dorm room?

Accent cabinets can store anything from clothing to kitchen items. And they can make a great spot for a microwave or coffee maker in a dorm room.

4. Bookcase – Accent Furniture that Helps Organize

As a student, the textbooks and files in your room can pile up quickly. Create a dedicated place for them all by adding a bookcase. Utilizing the shelves can help free up space on your desk and allow more decorating opportunities. Some, like the Ashford Bookcase, also come with drawers to stow all your miscellaneous items, from desk supplies to files to games and electronics. The Ashford even includes adjustable, removable partitions for the bookcase shelves that make it easy to create different configurations that meet your organizational needs.

Is there a bookcase that can help organize my college student's dorm room?

A bookcase, like the Ashford bookcase from Twin Star Home can be a great, multipurpose storage solution in a dorm room. Styled by Breegan Jane.

5. Side Table – Accent Furniture that Does Double Duty

While most dorm rooms come with a bed and a dresser, they typically don’t include side tables. You’ll miss having a place to put your phone, drink, and other necessities without one, however. Pick up a pair of matching side tables for you and your roommate to use next to your beds or alongside your couch to make the space look more sophisticated. And with a side table like the one shown below, you have integrated USB charging for your devices, making it the perfect stand-in for a nightstand.

Is accent furniture with USB charging, like a side table, a good investment for a dorm room?

A side table with USB charging is versatile, so it can also serve as a nightstand.

Get Ready for Back to School

Whether it’s your first semester of college or your last, make it count by designing a dorm room you love. Timeless, high-quality items can last you every year of college and even help make your first post-school apartment that much more inviting after graduation. Shop for all your Twin Star Home furniture essentials at a store near you or visit our website for more inspiration.