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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

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Thinking about upgrading your bathroom vanity? Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to. Some people are just ready for a change, while others crave more functionality. The good thing is that replacing a vanity is relatively easy and affordable. And when you have a selection of quality, stylish vanities to choose from, it’s even easier to make your vision a reality.

Here are the top four reasons to upgrade your bathroom vanity:

1. You Need More Storage

A lack of storage is one of the most common reasons why homeowners decide to upgrade their vanity. Many people keep toiletries, hair products, hair tools, tooth brushes, makeup and even towels inside of it, so if there’s not enough storage space, it’s easy for things to get cluttered fast.

Therefore, as your household storage needs change over time, it’s normal to outgrow your old vanity. In other cases, maybe you’ve recently moved into a new home and aren’t happy with the setup the old owners had. Either way, a need for more storage is a very good reason to make the upgrade.

If this applies to you, check out the Freestanding 24” Single Bathroom Vanity (24BV34018) below. It has a roomy cabinet underneath the sink to hold all your essentials, and the internal shelf can be adjusted as needed. As an added bonus, the cabinet doors have soft-close hinges. No more slamming doors.

Can a new bathroom vanity help me add storage to the bathroom?
A new bathroom vanity can add to the storage in the room, while adding style as well.

Another great option (with sliding barn doors) is the Bathroom Vanity in Sawcut Espresso (30BV34004-PD01). It features a cabinet door that slides side to side between a large undivided cabinet on one side and two shelves with easy-access baskets on the other. The blend of hidden and open storage makes it easy to stay organized.

2. You Want a Fresh New Look

Is your current bathroom vanity looking a little outdated? Styles, trends and personal tastes are always changing. If your house is older, the bathroom may be well overdue for an upgrade, especially since the vanity is the focal point and sets the stage for the whole room.

Even if your bathroom is relatively new but you’re not happy with the style, that’s okay, too. You deserve to have a bathroom you love. By upgrading the vanity, you can introduce your own individual style into the room.

Upgrade your bathroom vanity with your style
A new bathroom vanity can help you introduce your personal style into the room.

Some homeowners also choose to swap out the vanity if they’re planning to sell their house. An outdated bathroom vanity might put potential buyers off. The abovementioned Freestanding 24” Single Bathroom Vanity Set (24BV34018) is a modern and elegant choice to make the bathroom look more attractive.

To make it even better, there are so many different styles to choose from. Whether you like farmhouse, modern, coastal, or transitional, you can find a new bathroom vanity that’s just right.

3. It’s One of the Easiest Types of Bathroom Upgrades

One simple change can make a bathroom feel brand new again. You don’t have to remodel the entire space to get the style and function you need. But sometimes a new shower curtain or coat of paint isn’t enough.

In that case, it’s time to think about larger-scale changes. Gutting the shower, tub or flooring are all more extensive projects. Not everyone has the time or resources to take those on. One of the easiest and most affordable things you can do, actually, is to replace the vanity.

Twin Star Home™ keeps it simple. We offer bathroom vanities that ship already built and include the counter tops, so there’s no assembly required. As a result, a: Wondering whether or not it’s a good time to replace your bathroom vanity? Read the Twin Star Home™ blog to see the four main reasons why you might want to upgrade your vanity, as well as to see some of your replacement options. All you have to do is remove the old one, put the new one in and hook up the plumbing.

In addition, the styles have a high-end look and feel, but for less. So if you’re thinking about doing a bathroom makeover, the vanity is a great place to start. You can even find models from Twin Star Home™ that have a 1-piece sink and counter design. This makes the vanity easier to clean, so you can maintain its good looks for years to come.

Bathroom vanity upgrade with 30BVA30477
A new bathroom vanity can be an easy way to give your bathroom a whole new look.

4. Your Current Bathroom Vanity is Broken or Damaged

Lastly, if the condition of your vanity leaves something to be desired, it could be time to replace it. Because bathrooms see so much traffic during the day, the furniture in there can take a beating. Not to mention, exposure to water can weaken the structure. It can even cause mold to develop.

If you have kids using the bathroom, the vanity might deteriorate even faster. From slamming cabinet doors to getting messy with products, a bathroom vanity can see a lot of wear and tear.

Other types of damage that might warrant an upgrade include cracked or broken cabinets and scratched or damaged counters. In addition, if you’re having problems with the faucet, it could be a good chance to just start over fresh.

Find Your New Bathroom Vanity

No matter why you want to replace your bathroom vanity, Twin Star Home™ can help. Our selection of vanities offers something for everyone’s style and storage needs. Whether you like the barn door look of the Bathroom Vanity in Sawcut Espresso (30BV34004-PD01) or the modern appeal of the Freestanding 24” Single Bathroom Vanity Set (24BV34018), shop online and transform your bathroom today.