What professions should use a standing desk?

Top 6 Professions that Should Use a Standing Desk

Question: Which professions would be compatible with a standing desk?

Answer: Almost of all of them!

But honestly, with the exception of just a few trades, most professions are ideal for the use of a standing desk. Utilizing this ergonomic piece of office furniture offers many benefits, from developing healthier work habits to reducing the pain associated with sitting for long periods of time. While any employee can reap these advantages, there are six types of jobs in which workers should really consider a standing desk from Twin Star Home™. We’ve recapped them below.

#1 – Salespeople Enhance Performance at a Standing Desk

If you’re in sales, you likely have a large pipeline of contacts you need to talk to on a daily basis. However, not every email must be sent in a sedentary position, and not every phone conversation has to be taken sitting down. In fact, standing for some phone calls may encourage the kind of active listening that is a key to success in sales. The Ashford Standing Desk (ODP10556-48D908) will not only promote healthier work habits but also features an ergonomic glass top that is dry-erase friendly, so you can write down notes from your important calls right on the surface of your standing desk. It will also keep your devices powered all day long with its integrated multiport charging station, so you never lose touch with your clients.

Can a standing desk help a sales professional be more productive?

Marketing professionals are another group that can easily work at a standing desk and reap the benefits. Jennifer Ressmann, head of Voiyoo Marketing, a content creation and social media management firm in South Florida says, “I love my stand-up desk. I like to stand for the first part of my day, and I will sit in the afternoon. Having the option to stand keeps me healthy. Not only will my back hurt after sitting for long periods…but I will get more tired. That’s when I will raise the desk and get some movement going again. Kinda gets ya back to life!”

#2 – A Standing Desk for Busy Medical Personnel

Running from room to room all day may encourage doctors, nurses and medical assistants to sit down at each examination area’s desk while speaking with patients and recording their symptoms and health history. But constantly getting in and out of a desk chair during appointments may not be a better solution. Whereas a standing desk can help them maintain their momentum.

That’s why a standing desk is an optimal solution in any medical setting. Depending on the organization’s existing décor, the Ashford™ Standing Desk finished in white or Genevieve™ Standing Desk (ODP7506-55-1622) finished in waxy weathered pine are excellent options. Stay organized, keep devices charged, and save space in tight examination rooms by eliminating the need for a desk chair. Both of these standing desks share the following features:

  • Integrated multiport charging station
  • Adjustable height range from 29.5” to 47”
  • Illumitouch™ control panel with Eco Mode
  • GetActive™ timer for reminders to stand up
  • Locking mechanism to avoid accidental height adjustments
  • Large, partitioned drawer for easy storage of supplies and documents

#3 – Your Accountant Could Use a Standing Desk

We’ve all felt the pressure to get our taxes filed on time, but have you ever imagined what it’s like to be an accountant during tax season? For the duration of winter and into spring, they work tirelessly and are often at the office for 12 to 14-hour days. That means a lot of sitting, which can consequently lead to a lot of discomfort. A standing desk from Twin Star Home™ can make all the difference, with features like three programmable height settings and the integrated GetActive™ timer that reminds you when it’s time to stand up during long shifts.

Should an accountant be using a standing desk?

#4 – Invest in a Standing Desk for Your Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are an integral part of any marketing department, and they have plenty of work to keep them busy all day long. They may also have several electronic devices to keep charged throughout the day, such as laptops, tablets and cameras. In such a detail-oriented profession, workers often get too close to the screen. This can lead straining their eyes and promoting bad posture – both of which result in pain.

With a standing desk, graphic designers can stand up and move more while getting creative, without feeling cramped – especially with two monitors. Most graphic designers (and many other professionals) rely on having two screens when they work. And that’s not a problem with adjustable height desks from Twin Star Home because they feature large, open work surfaces that offer ample room for two monitors – and many of the other staples that people keep close at hand when they’re working. The Genevieve™ Standing Desk(ODP7506-55-1622) allows users to preset their height preferences to achieve a comfortable standing work position. It also features an integrated charging station with three 2.4 amp USB ports and three AC outlets to keep any device’s battery strong enough to get the job done. And don’t worry about the desk’s height slipping or adjusting unexpectedly, as it utilizes lock and unlock touch controls to keep a sturdy position.

#5 – Teachers and Professors: The Ideal Standing Desk Users

A standing desk can make the most hectic days for teachers and professors everywhere a lot easier. The height can be raised while giving presentations and can be lowered again for a chance to relax when students are reading or taking tests and exams. For extra comfort, any standing desk from Twin Star Home™ can be paired with a premium standing mat from WellnessMats. A variety of colors are available to match the theme of any classroom.

#6 – A Standing Desk for Writers

Copywriters, journalists and other types of writers have many facts to find and plenty of sentences to construct. They also need a reliable space to charge their smartphones, voice recorders, cameras and other useful electronics. But that doesn’t mean they can’t accomplish their assignments or keep their devices powered while standing up.

Should writers and graphic designers use a standing desk?

A standing desk is a great way for writers – at home or in the office – to break up a long day of sitting.

Either of the standing desks mentioned here let wordsmiths complete interviews and get breaking news any time of day with the integrated multiport charging station that can charge up to six devices at a time.

Find a Standing Desk and Compatible Accessories

Regardless of your job, most likely a standing desk can make a world of difference in how you physically feel. It can also impact how efficient and productive you are during the work day. So, whatever your profession might be, ask yourself, “what am I waiting for?”

At Twin Star Home™, you can find the right standing desk for you and matching accessories, such as a WellnessMats standing pad or the Don’t Fret Storage Ottoman (SB6498-NT01) to slide underneath. Contact us today to discuss more inspiring ideas or to learn more about what we have to offer.