Finding the best furniture for a home theater or audio room

The Best Furniture for Your Home Theater or Audio Room

Some people dream of a home theater with big comfy seats and a huge screen where you can watch the latest movies. Others want to kick back and relax while savoring every note by their favorite artist in a dedicated audio room. Whether you’re transforming your living room into your very own theater or your den into a listening space, these tips for entertainment home décor will help make it your favorite room at home.

Use Bluetooth Compatibility for Small Space Living

Sometimes the rooms in our homes aren’t as big as our love of movies and music. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a home theater or audio room. With flexible furniture and a little modern technology, you can make the most of small spaces.

Add a TV stand with Bluetooth® technology to your den or living room for a one-stop entertainment station. Once you wirelessly connect a compatible device, integrated speakers deliver crisp, clear sound for your playlists. Listen to the latest hits or change it up with an episode or two of a new podcast. Later, switch on the TV for movie night with the family or to cheer on your team in the big game.

A TV stand with bluetooth compatibility upgrades any audio room or home theater.

Not to mention, a TV stand like the one pictured above also has audio hookups to connect to your TV. By using the audio hookups, you get theater quality sound for your favorite movies and TV shows right in your own home. A Bluetooth TV stand offers plenty of storage for your entertainment necessities, as well. The one above is a consumer favorite with tons of reviews backing it’s quality and functionality. With plenty of cabinet space and shelves, it can accommodate A/V components, movies, remotes, and your noise-canceling headphones.

Find a Place for Speakers in Your Audio Room

If you have more room to spare, you may find yourself with a full home audio setup with powerful speakers. Although, there a few things to keep in mind for the best placement possible. Consider where in the room is best for both sound quality and the room’s layout.

In a two-channel system, where sound is coming from two sources, the speakers should be placed far enough apart to roughly divide the room into thirds. Additionally, they should not be placed directly against a wall. About four to six inches away from the wall is optimal. Most importantly, you never want to place your speakers on the floor. This can cause damage to the speakers and flooring, as well as lower sound quality. Wood floors often create distorting vibrations. Meanwhile, plush carpeting dampens audio output.

An accent cabinet holds wireless speakers in a home theater.

Instead, try placing your speakers on a pair of accent cabinets arranged for maximum sound quality. The Matty 2 Door Accent Cabinet pictured above is a good choice, as it offers a spacious interior for accommodating a receiver or music player. Moreover, back panel cutouts allow easy pass-through access for cords. Better yet, it has uncompromising style. Fabric door panels add a chi touch to accent your audio room or home theater’s décor.

Get Storage for Your Entertainment Essentials

If movies and music are your passion, you probably have an extensive entertainment collection. Beyond vinyl records, CDs, and Blu-rays, your devices also bring clutter-causing accessories. Before long, cables, headphones, and remotes can overtake your space.

A bookcase makes for some of the best furniture for entertainment storage.

Banish the clutter with simple, stylish storage to bring order to your home theater or audio room. Bookcases are some of the best furniture pieces for storage that also accent your other home décor. The Balsamo Standard Bookcase pictured above has both open shelves and a concealed lower cabinet. That way, you can hide unsightly A/V components in the cabinet while also displaying your impressive collection of soul artist legends from throughout the decades. The storage cabinet features one adjustable shelf for accommodating all types of items, whether tall and small. For added style, decorative side panels add a touch of contemporary design to keep your entertainment area cool and modern.

Create Ambiance for the Ultimate Escape

Your home theater should feel like a retreat. It is somewhere you can go to get lost in the worlds of different films. If it’s an audio room you’re designing, that should also be a calm and relaxing area for escape. In either type of space, an electric fireplace will help you unwind in your favorite spot.

A shiplap wall mantel electric fireplace sits in a living room next to the couch.

For a more traditional look, opt for a wall mantel electric fireplace to create the ambiance you’re looking for. A wall mantel can also be positioned at the front of the room to hold a soundbar in the perfect position for optimal sound quality. For a decorative touch, display a few of your favorite albums on easels to showcase your musical tastes and create a unique look.

A wall mounted electric fireplace hangs above a TV stand in a contemporary living room.

If you want the warmth and beautiful light of dancing flames but are working with a smaller room, try a wall mounted electric fireplace instead. A wall mounted model will be up off the floor and is easy to hang on any wall where you would hang a picture. That way, you can get a peaceful atmosphere to relax in, whether you live in a single-family home or a smaller apartment.

Make the Most of Your Home Theater or Audio Room

With the right A/V equipment, best furniture setup, and home décor, your home theater or audio room will soon become your favorite spot in the house. For even more decorating ideas and interior design advice, browse our blog for ideas and inspiration from Twin Star Home®. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get fresh tips and style delivered right to your inbox!