An L shaped outdoor sofa with light blue cushions and coffee table from the kathy ireland Home & Gardens River Brook collection

Outdoor Furniture FAQ

These days many homeowners are thinking about new outdoor furniture for their deck or patio. There are many styles, features, and brands available, and with so many choices, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. If you’re ready to choose new outdoor furnishings for your home (like the kathy ireland Homes & Gardens River Brook… Continue Reading Outdoor Furniture FAQ
A curved navy, outdoor sectional sofa and ottoman with a backpack and books.
If you’ve been finding your new and expanded role in your child’s education just a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Parents across the U.S. have been adapting to a new normal that requires learning to take place at home. Even those who’ve been homeschooling for years are faced with the challenges of education without access… Continue Reading Patio Furniture that Takes Homeschooling Outdoors
An inviting, curved patio conversation set by Kathy Ireland with brown wicker base and white cushions with black piping.
While your dog might be in heaven with a houseful of people suddenly home, the people in your house (maybe you especially) could feel like it’s a LOT of togetherness. If everyone is getting a little stir crazy, turn your attention to your outdoor space and see how to make time there even more relaxing.… Continue Reading How the Right Outdoor Furniture can Turn Your Shelter into Your Sanctuary