A reading nook with a leaning bookshelf against the wall in a gray room next to an aqua couch with gray pillows
August 9 is National Book Lover’s Day, a holiday dedicated to the love of literature across the United States. There are lots of ways to celebrate, from donating to a library and watching an adaptation to making bookmarks and, of course, reading your favorite novel. To treat yourself to something truly special, however, why not… Continue Reading Create Your Perfect Reading Nook for Book Lover’s Day
A chic city apartment furnished in mid-century style with accent furniture including a bookcase, a wine cabinet, and a standing desk set as a dining table.
“Make yourself at home!” If that’s something you find yourself saying often, you might be in need of some simple tricks to make your job as host or hostess easier. But whether it’s for weddings, milestone birthdays or holidays, you can position yourself as the “host with the most” with the best accent furniture to… Continue Reading The Best Accent Furniture When You’re Having Houseguests
What is accent furniture?

What is Accent Furniture?

What’s accent furniture? And how do you use it in your home? At Twin Star Home™, we know there are many different elements that come together to make a room. You have the main furniture, the accent furniture and the décor. Of those three elements, probably the least understood is accent furniture. Even so, sometimes… Continue Reading What is Accent Furniture?