Home furnishings including a two-tone farmhouse entryway table with drawers.

6 Home Furnishings for Your Coziest Autumn

Changing leaves, fall fashion, and the holidays on the horizon – these are just a few of the things we look forward to when the autumn air starts to turn crisp (or downright chilly). It’s easy to see why fall is our favorite season in the U.S, bringing shorter days and cooler temperatures that make… Continue Reading 6 Home Furnishings for Your Coziest Autumn
A TV on a TV Stand with Electric Fireplace featuring a stacked stone look fireplace surround in a stylish living room.
You’ve just dropped off your child at college and you’re now an empty nester. So, what are you going to do??? Well, first probably cry. And drink a lot of wine. But seriously (although I’m pretty sure I am serious about all of that), I have this feeling that once you’ve cried your way home… Continue Reading How to Redecorate Your Empty Nest (and Home Furnishings that can help!)
What is a sideboard? Do I need one?
If you’re wondering what a sideboard is, you’re probably not alone. But just because you don’t know what a sideboard is, that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need one. This unsung hero of home furnishings can be the missing piece of the puzzle to make your life easier! To learn what a sideboard is and… Continue Reading Home Furnishings Defined: What Is a Sideboard and Do I Need One?
How can I give my home a coastal cottage feeling like Jeanne Chung's styles?
Summer is hastily coming to an end, and if you’re like most people, that’s a disappointing thought, to say the least. From enjoying the great outdoors at every opportunity to hosting your friends and family for memorable get-togethers, you’ve forged lifelong memories that you want to relive over and over again. But summer isn’t over… Continue Reading Ways to Soak Up the Last of Summer (with the Right Home Furnishings)
How can my home furnishings help make my wedding at home perfect?
You’re hosting an at-home wedding for good reasons – it will be small, intimate and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, it also comes with tremendous pressure to have your home looking perfect for the big day. The right home furnishings from Twin Star Home™ will help your wedding and reception go smoothly.… Continue Reading Home Furnishings for Piece-of-Cake Wedding Décor
What is the best electric fireplace to get if you have pets?
If there’s a less-than-toasty spot in your home, you might be looking for ways to warm it up. Creating a supplemental zone heating strategy is a great way to ward off the chill – but what about when pets are an important part of the family? Thanks to their inviting glow and warmth, electric fireplaces… Continue Reading Best Electric Fireplaces to Enjoy with Your Pet (and Why You’ll Both Love It)
How do I find home furnishings to give for Mother's Day?
When you consider all the reasons we celebrate Mother’s Day, picking out the perfect gift can be a daunting task. Mom has taught you so much, made so many sacrifices, and given you a lifetime of unconditional love. Are flowers and candy really enough to show your appreciation? This May, change up your routine by… Continue Reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Home Furnishings She’ll Love
What is the best furniture for a small living room?
If you have a small living room, you know the struggle of finding furniture that fits. In reality, though, it’s easier than you think. That’s because there are a lot of great solutions out there for small spaces. They make it so you can get a fully functional room, but without all the clutter. Discover… Continue Reading Best Furniture for a Small Living Room
How can I refurnish my living room?
Home is where life’s greatest moments happen. It’s where you cook holiday meals and host friends and family for game nights. If you’re thinking about refurnishing your home, it’s important to choose furnishings that set the perfect backdrop for new memories. Don’t know where to start? Consult the following tips. Find Your Design Style There… Continue Reading A Beginner’s Guide to Refurnishing Your Home Continue Reading A Beginner’s Guide to Refurnishing Your Home
How do use home decor to make my home cozy all winter?
When your home is cozy and warm, you won’t mind the frigid temperatures and gloomy weather that can keep you inside all winter. Just look at the Danes. Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, despite having some of the harshest winters. That’s because they use this time of year as an… Continue Reading Winter Home Decorating Ideas: Cozy Warmth and Hygge Continue Reading Winter Home Decorating Ideas: Cozy Warmth and Hygge
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The countdown has started as the end of football season approaches and invites to watch the big game have started to roll in. If your home happens to be one of the hot spots for a viewing party, the clock is also ticking on getting your living room Game. Day. Ready. Not to worry though! If you’re looking for… Continue Reading Home Furnishings that Stand Out on Game Day Continue Reading Home Furnishings that Stand Out on Game Day
What should I put in my living room for the holidays?
Just because you’re decorating for the holidays doesn’t mean all of your year-round décor disappears. But once it’s time to lay out the garland and the table top train the kids love, or you’re ready to swap out your regular votives for sweet holiday scented candles, where does all of your other stuff go? Home… Continue Reading Home Furnishings for the Holidays: Perfect Storage Solutions Continue Reading Home Furnishings for the Holidays: Perfect Storage Solutions