A white Tresanti standing desk in a home office with books on shelves and travel themed photos on the wall.
Whether you want to create a professional space for a small business or simply need your own area to pay the bills, an office can be an easy addition to any home. As you determine how you’ll set up your office, however, it’s important to remember that the furnishings have a serious impact on whether… Continue Reading Home Office Buying Guide: How to Get the Perfect Desk
An industrial home office including a desk and bookcase with open shelves and filing cabinet, all in a room with a brick wall.
Maybe you’re turning your spare bedroom into a functioning workspace, or maybe you’re transforming the corner of your living room into an area where you can get work done. Regardless of the size of your space, you need your home office to be arranged efficiently. A combination of the right pieces from Twin Star Home®… Continue Reading How to Set Up Your Home Office to be More Productive
What kind of stretches should I do at my standing desk?
Whether you work from home or at an office, the grind of the work week can be tough on your body. After all, our bodies were designed to move, not sit at a desk for eight or more hours straight. But with a few tweaks to your daily routine, you can combat the common aches… Continue Reading Standing Desk Stretches and Healthy Work Habits