Is an electric stove heater good for a study nook?

Stove Heaters: Why Are They Great for Back-to-School?

The first day of school doesn’t just signify the end of summer vacation. It means that the cooler weather will be here before you know it. Additionally, students will long for extra warmth and comfort after chilly walks home or snowy days. You could simply turn up the thermostat (and raise your utility bills). However, we believe there’s a much better way to create a cozy environment: a stove heater. Here’s a look at why they’re the perfect accessory for the back to school season.

Enhance Relaxation and Focus with Stove Heaters

There’s no doubt about it – kids don’t like homework. As a parent, you’ve probably tried more than a few things to help them focus and do their best. At Twin Star Home™, we suggest you begin by taking a look at their study area and adding a stove heater. Why? Stove heaters create a more relaxing, stress-free atmosphere that enables students to become immersed in their assignments and projects. This is thanks to the ability to warm up chilly spaces and create a soothing atmosphere with peaceful dancing flames.

Adding the duraflame® Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Stove Heater makes it easy to create a study spot kids will want to use. It offers personalized control over the temperature, so students can warm up a chilly spot without raising the central thermostat. Additionally, the infrared quartz design helps maintain the air’s natural humidity. This prevents overdrying that can lead to sore throats, coughing and distraction. Overheat protection also helps ensure safe use as the unit will automatically shut off if it gets too hot. Not to mention, the realistic flames and radiant log offer a comforting ambiance with or without turning on the heat. Design-savvy parents will love the stove as well thanks to its vintage styling, double doors and arched frame.

Where can I find a duraflame electric stove heater?

A duraflame® infrared quartz electric stove heater saves money while warming up your student during study time.

Stove Heaters that Create a Cozy Atmosphere

A successful school year is all about striking the right balance between study, play, and rejuvenation. Stove heaters create a cozy environment that enables relaxation and recovery after a long day at school. They are the perfect way to welcome kids back to a warm, inviting home. Whether it’s time for a healthy snack, a round of video games, or a television show to give their minds a break, students everywhere can benefit from the ambiance and comfort stove heaters add to any space.

Rachel Moriarty is a San Diego-based interior designer and brand ambassador for the Design Network who has been featured in HGTV magazine among others. She thinks adding a little warmth to homework spaces is an excellent way to foster peace of mind.

“Back to school means that cooler weather is just around the corner. A comfortable chair, a throw blanket, a small electric fireplace and a Harry Potter book will take the space from cold to cozy in one fell swoop.”

When your goal is creating a haven from the day’s cares, the duraflame® 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control will make a great addition. Designed with a patent-pending 3D Flame® Effect, simulated flames dance and glow on all sides of the log set for the crackling, layered look of authentic fire. The family can choose one of five unique flame effects for a truly personalized glow that will inspire everyone to slow down and reconnect. And while the stove heater warms a space up to 1,000 square feet, the flames can also be enjoyed without heat to accommodate the weather year-round.

How large a room can a duraflame electric stove heater warm?

The duraflame® infrared quartz electric stove heater with 3D Flame® effect heats rooms up to 1,000 square feet.

Efficient Stove Heaters to Warm Your Space

Of course, stove heaters can enhance relaxation and focus with mood lighting from their glowing flames. But they are also highly efficient options for keeping your home warmer in the areas you use most. This is especially important as children head back inside from playing outdoors or walking home from school. You could turn up the thermostat to ward off the cold and warm chilly fingers and noses. However, supplemental zone heating raises the temperature in most-used areas while keeping unoccupied spaces unheated. And when you’re heating a smaller space, like a home office or study nook, stove heaters provide an ideal solution.

To keep kids cozy as they take off hats and gloves, we recommend the duraflame 25-in W 5200-BTU Black Metal Flat Wall Infrared Quartz Electric Stove Thermostat with Remote. 5,200 BTUs of heat extend up to 1,000 square feet to make everyone feel pleasantly warm as they head in from outside. Busy parents will also love the peace of mind the stove heater’s electronic timer provides. Set the timer to run as long as you’d like, from just 30 minutes to nine hours. After the predetermined period, it will turn itself off with no need for you to remember it’s running.

Is 3D Flame effect the most realistic flame effect in an electric stove heater?

A duraflame infrared quartz electric stove heater with 3D Flame® effect offers beautiful dancing flames and warms up study spaces. And the timer means you don’t have to worry even when your kids forget to turn it off.


Reap the Benefits of Stove Heaters

Don’t wait until kids complain about the cold. Add a stove heater to your home now to create a soothing environment that everyone will want to rush home to. Explore our full selection of stove heaters and electric fireplaces at Twin Star Home today to find the right options for your family. For even more ideas and inspiration for the home, check out our blog or contact us today.