What kind of stretches should I do at my standing desk?

Standing Desk Stretches and Healthy Work Habits

Whether you work from home or at an office, the grind of the work week can be tough on your body. After all, our bodies were designed to move, not sit at a desk for eight or more hours straight. But with a few tweaks to your daily routine, you can combat the common aches and pains that many hard working people blame on their desk jobs. There is also an innovative standing desk selection available at Twin Star Home™ that can help you experience the benefits.

Why a Standing Desk May Help

The ergonomic function of standing desks was inspired by the many benefits that standing more often can have on your bones, muscles and joints. Many agree that standing at work compared to sitting can improve cardiovascular function, which can contribute to becoming a more healthy and productive employee.

Breegan Jane is an LA-based designer, entrepreneur, and lifestyle expert joining the cast of the upcoming 2020 reboot of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on HGTV (and a friend of ours at Twin Star Home). As an employer she saw the value in contributing to the health of her employees.

“I absolutely LOVE this standing desk for my office! The sleek, white design makes it fit in perfectly with the rest of my office décor…. The standing height is perfect if you have back problems, as it helps immensely with your posture. Love this concept, I would highly recommend these desks!” she said.

INterior designer Breegan Jane sits on a sofa in the Twin Star Home showroom.

Breegan Jane, a star of the upcoming 2020 reboot of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on HGTV loves the Ashford standing desk by Twin Star Home™ for its style and function.

Stretching throughout the workday is just as important, and that’s easy to accomplish if you’re a standing desk user. It releases tension in your overworked muscles, reduces the likelihood of your stronger muscles overcompensating, and helps to reset muscles to their correct length to eliminate tightness. This helps to maximize comfort at work and help you feel more awake and alert. That’s why Twin Star Home™ believes that the right standing desk can make all the difference for employees experiencing pain throughout the workday.

How should I stand at a standing desk

Proper posture at your standing desk is another important component, along with stretching, to feeling more comfortable and flexible at work.

Easy Standing Desk Stretches to Get You Moving

A healthy habit to get into at work is routine stretching, especially if your posture is less than perfect. Neck, shoulder, back, leg, and foot pain can all be attributed to the sedentary nature of many work environments. While you should always check with your doctor if you’re experiencing severe or chronic pain, there are simple stretches that can ease any tightness you may be feeling. Here are a few that you can incorporate into your routine starting today, especially if you don’t own a standing desk:

  1. Neck Retraction
    • Lower your chin, slowly lean your head backwards and hold this position for five to 10 seconds. Then, roll your head in a circle around your shoulders in both directions. Repeat throughout the day when you’re feeling tight in your cervical spine, neck, and shoulder blades.
  2. Calf Raises
    • Stand up straight, holding onto your desk for support if necessary. Then, rise up onto your tip toes and lower your back down slowly for a nice stretch in your calf. Repeat on each leg for three sets of five to 10 repetitions.
  3. Standing Hamstring Stretch
    • Cross one foot in front of the other, bend at the waist and hold this position for 30 seconds while keeping both knees straight. Then, reverse your feet and repeat. Aim to grab your toes, but if you can’t reach them, go as low as you can.
  4. Lower Back Extension
    • With your feet shoulder width apart, place your hands on your lower back and stretch backward as far as possible as you exhale. Return slowly to a neutral position and repeat a few more times or as needed.

Standing Desk Selection at Twin Star Home™

At Twin Star Home™, you’ll find innovative standing desks that not only promote healthier work habits but also allow you to take advantage of many other features. We deliver versatile workspaces where you can charge your devices, stream your music and even encourage your coworkers to get up and dance. When you need a rest from standing, you can return the desk to its original height and sink down into your favorite office chair.

The Genevieve Standing Desk (ODP7506-55-I622) is a popular choice amongst workers in all industries. Stand for hours on end or a few minutes at a time by controlling the desk’s height at the push of a button, and you can lock and unlock your selected height within the control panel to ensure the desk stays in place. Your electronic devices will stay charged with its integrated multiport power station, while the ergonomic top can handle any task thrown your way. Plus, its large, partitioned drawer will keep your area organized by offering a space to store desk supplies and other essentials.

A brown standing desk is raised in the middle of a home office with matching bookcases.

The Genevieve™ Standing Desk is a great option for a beautiful home office that gives you the flexibility to stand.

Another option that you can find at Twin Star Home™ allows you to stay on top of your work – both literally and figuratively. The Ashford Standing Desk (ODP10556-48D908) not only lets you stand when you want, but it also features an ergonomic glass top that is dry-erase friendly so you can keep your to-do list right in front of you. Its side lock button will ensure your desk’s height stays exactly where you set it, and your devices won’t deplete thanks to the integrated, multiport charging station with three 2.4 amp USB inputs. Its contemporary design and large storage drawer make it even more versatile.

Improve Your Routine with Standing Desk Features

Whether the standing desk you choose is a creation of Genevieve or Ashford, both will even remind you when it’s time to stand. The built-in GetActive™ timer gives you the ability to set regular alerts throughout your busy day to ensure you get in enough time on your feet. Either desk features a height range from 29.5” to 47” and three programmable height settings, which can all be selected through the integrated Illumitouch™ control panel. So whether you’re 4’10” or 6’5”, you’ll be able to stand with your desk at a comfortable level, so you can continue to get work done.

You’ll also want to pair your standing desk with a soft and versatile floor pad to enhance your comfort even more. You can find WellnessMats® at Twin Star Home™, a popular choice for anti-fatigue products that beautifully complement any workspace with an assortment of tones.

A black anti-fatigue mat with Moroccan lattice pattern lays on the floor in front of a white standing desk.

Using a standing mat like the premium standing solutions from WellnessMats helps set you up for success with your adjustable height desk.

Find the Perfect Standing Desk for You

With a new set of stretches to try at work and a standing desk from Twin Star Home™, you’ll be on your way to making healthier choices, reducing your risk for health issues caused by being too sedentary and enjoy an innovative workspace with furniture that moves with you. To learn more or to find a retailer that carries our products, contact Twin Star Home™ today.