A black accent cabinet with striking geometric pattern in a neutral room.

Small Space Living: Winning Strategies to Make Your Space Work for You

Your place may be small, but you love it. Towering ceilings and massive open floor plans aren’t for everyone – some of us prefer something a little cozier. And because you do, you’re always wondering how you can make the most of small space living with the right furnishings and accessories. Check out a few ideas from Twin Star Home™ for making your smaller home feel inviting with a variety of accent furniture suggestions that deliver on aesthetics, function and size.

Furniture that Makes Small Space Living Even Better

Almost everyone could use more storage space, no matter the size of their home. A bookshelf offers a great way to organize both decorative and functional items. And because they’re most often taller than wide, these pieces create a minimal footprint. So, what if you could combine the efficiency of supplemental zone heating with the added storage of a simple bookshelf?

You could consider a bookcase with an integrated electric fireplace (like the one shown below from Twin Star Home™), which combines wood and metal details for a modern, yet industrial, design. With three fixed, open shelves for storage or display, you can organize books and supplies, or display photos and decor. Turn on the electric fireplace and you’ll be able to add style and warmth without finding space for more furniture.

The vertical nature of this piece can be part of a trick that designers sometimes use in small spaces. Treci Smith, San Diego-based designer and real estate investor, likes to unexpectedly incorporate larger pieces in smaller spaces.

“So, if I’m working in a small space, I try to bring in bigger pieces. Too many small pieces can look a little busy, so for me, I like to bring in big pieces to make a big impact in that small space.”

An industrial bookcase with pipe frame and an integrated electric fireplace.

This chic industrial bookshelf with integrated electric fireplace from Twin Star Home saves space by combining two products in one.

Ideal Accent Pieces for Small Space Living

When space is at a premium, clutter happens seemingly overnight. That’s why you need somewhere to stow away linens, school or office supplies, electronics – and anything else. To maximize your space, consider sprucing things up with a stylish storage solution. Start with the Wesleyan Lower Display Cabinet, featuring a Meridian Cherry finish and wood door that can be hung left or right, accommodating any small space. Its inner shelf can be adjusted or even removed to create additional room for a stereo system, bins, blankets and more.

One of the smartest ways to maximize available space in smaller homes is to think vertically. Stack the Wesleyan Freestanding Upper Display Cabinet atop the lower cabinet to add storage without compromising floor space. It features a flip-down barrister door that reveals an additional workspace, for an instant home office.

Another great option is an accent cabinet that adds on-trend modern farmhouse style and functional storage including drawers you’ll love (like the one below!).

A two-tone sliding barn door accent cabinet in black and a gray woodwashed tone set in an industrial room with large windows and beautiful natural light.

Love modern farmhouse? Make this trend work for you as you save space with a sliding barn door accent cabinet.

Entertaining and Small Space Living

When the weekend comes, there’s nothing better than inviting over a few friends to entertain at home. Still, a smaller apartment or house can make hosting difficult, whether you plan on a sophisticated dinner party or a more casual gathering. With the right accent furniture, however, it’s easy to turn cramped spaces into inviting nooks for guests to mingle.

Creating a dedicated bar area is a great way to free up more room on the buffet or in the kitchen and offers storage for your glasses, bottles and other must-haves. The space-saving design of the Modern Dweller Wine Cabinet from Twin Star Home makes it easy to create a bar area without taking up too much floor space in the living room or dining room. And with the optional Infinity Electric Fireplace from ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces, you can infuse any area with a captivating glow. It’s a great way add mid-century flair to turn an unused corner into a charming, functional space.

And for a bar cabinet that makes a statement with color and hardware, the little blue number below may be smaller on size, but huge on style.

A striking navy blue bar cabinet with round gold tone handles in a room with great natural lighting and greenery.

This rich, blue bar cabinet with striking gold handles is perfect for small space living, and big on style.

Small Space Living Enhanced with Multifunctional Furniture

When it comes to smaller rooms, nothing beats a stylish piece of furniture that can serve many purposes. For instance, the Ashford Filing Cabinet from Twin Star Home is more than a place to store documents and office supplies. Featuring a pure gray and white finish with dark brushed nickel hardware, it’s stylish enough to be used as an end table anywhere. It also creates a charging station wherever you place it thanks to two integrated outlets and two USB power ports. So, whether you use it as your bedside table or in the office, your devices stay charged and ready.

A white standing desk with integrated USB charging and matching file cabinet, also with integrated USB charging.

The Ashford™ Filing Cabinet from Twin Star Home™ works in small spaces, as it offers great style and function.

Likewise, the Genevieve Rolling Filing Cabinet is another versatile storage solution that can be used in several different ways. After all, it’s on wheels for a reason! For tight office spaces, this rolling filing cabinet can be pulled nearby during use and tucked away when you’re done. And you can use it for charging anywhere in your home, with two AC outlets and two USB power ports. It will keep your batteries alive when you’re lounging on the couch or relaxing in bed. And its Waxy Weathered Pine finish fits any décor, so it’s perfect as an end table, nightstand or office piece.

Your Source for Small Space Living Needs

By choosing furniture wisely, you can use the space in your cozy house or condo more efficiently. Multifunctional pieces from Twin Star Home™ will last you for years and craft storage solutions that you never thought were possible. We’re always watching out for the latest trends and innovations that make homes of any size a beautiful place to be. For more information, contact Twin Star Home™ today.