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Mother’s Day: 6 Top Gifts for Mom for Every Budget
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Moms work hard, love hard, and give their all for their kids and families. That’s why we set aside a special day each year to recognize them and everything they do. This year, celebrating Mother’s Day will feel a little different. We can’t travel across the country for visits, hold big family brunches, or even stop by Mom’s house in most cases. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still show our appreciation! Whether you want to indulge in a big gift for Mom or you promised not to spend anything on a gift this year, Twin Star Home has a few ideas for celebrating one of the most important women in your life on any budget.

Giving the Gift of Better Health

Moms who never miss a Zumba class, water aerobics session, or visit to the gym are likely missing their pre-social distancing activity levels. While most fitness enthusiasts likely have some basic workout gear at home, they’re probably also looking for ways to be more active throughout the day as well. If your mom is a fitness enthusiast or just looking for simple ways to improve her well-being, consider giving her a standing desk (like the one shown below) this year.

A white electric standing desk in a room with a dark wall and window with blinds.
An electric standing desk lets your mom find the perfect height for her – both when she’s sitting and standing to work.

Research suggests that a standing desk can have a positive effect on physical and mental health. There’s also another important reason gift one to your active mom – exercise alone can’t mitigate the effects of excessive sitting. That means even the most active among us still need to cut down on time spent sitting. Your mom will love the health benefits of her new standing desk, as well as how easy it is to adjust its height to the perfect level for her.

For the Wine Connoisseur

You may not know prosecco from champagne, but your mom has a refined palate and can make wine recommendations for any meal. There’s no doubt she’s longing for summertime trips to her favorite wineries and tastings to explore new vintages. In the meantime, you can help her display and enjoy her  collection by gifting her a few special bottles and a bar cabinet this year on Mother’s Day.

A bar cabinet with cross-hatch wine storage on one side and a gray glass door on the other side.
A bar cabinet is the perfect place for Mom to store her favorite wines, so she’ll be ready to show off when her book club resumes.

Bar cabinets are great for the family’s best hostess and moms who love quiet evenings at home alike. Bottle storage keeps a selection of wines at her fingertips, while convenient hanging stemware storage keeps glasses close at hand. She’ll even have space for all her vino must-haves with cabinet storage for bottle openers, foil cutters, decanters, and more.

Celebrating the Avid Reader

If you love reading, there’s a good chance you learned to cherish books and stories from your mother. Why not give her a gift this mother’s day that celebrates her love of reading and gives her a place for all her favorite titles and special editions?

A beautiful bookcase makes an excellent gift for the mom who’s never without a book in hand. Open shelving lets her scan her collection with just a glance – and find a place for a favorite photo or decorative accent as well. Consider options with concealed storage to help her battle clutter and store all her other essentials, like chargers, seasonal accents, and media.

A white bookcase with lattice sides in a geometric pattern and an enclosed lower cabinet.
A bookcase is a gift that Mom (or any avid reader) will love.

The Gift of Al Fresco Dining

Nobody cooks and bakes like your mom, and your mouth still waters when you think of her Christmas cookies and family dinner favorites. In addition to gifts she can use in the kitchen, she’d probably love something that lets her sit back and savor the fruits of her labor.

bar-height dining set makes it easy for Mom to enjoy dining outside. Best of all, it might encourage your dad to take to the grill and make her a special meal! She’ll enjoy the sleek wicker design as much as she enjoys Mother’s Day dinner on the deck this year. Just make sure she sends you the recipes.

A bar height pub table on a patio next to a swimming pool.
A bar height dining set is the perfect way to encourage your mom to dine outside.

Mom, the Self-Care Specialist

Last year, you gave her a spa day. This year, you can make her home feel like a getaway with a set of chaise lounges that will help her relax poolside like the star she is. With adjustable backs for customized comfort and an accompanying side “C” table to hold her fresh-squeezed juice or lemon water, Mom will have everything she needs for a calming day.

Two chaise lounges with white cushions next to a swimming pool.
What mom wouldn’t love to relax outside on a posh chaise lounge?

Tuck a sheet mask or green smoothie recipe into her Mother’s Day card to make it the complete package. Best of all, she’ll have a spare lounger available for your next visit!

Show Mom You’re Thinking of Her

There’s one thing that every mom is sure to love for Mother’s Day: the gift of your time. Best of all, it’s free! Just because you can’t be there in person this year doesn’t mean you can’t show her how much you, your siblings, and all her grandkids love her. As long as she has access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can still get everyone together with a free video chat app.

There are many ways to schedule a virtual family visit, from FaceTime to Skype to Zoom, a video meeting platform that’s getting popular as people find new ways to connect online. If you choose to go with Zoom, their blog offers a few handy video tutorials that explain everything you need to know to get started. Then all you’ll need to do is share a link with the family and enjoy the virtual company.

Make Mother’s Day Special, No Matter Where You Are

There’s nothing you – and Mom – want more than to spend time together on Mother’s Day. When that’s not possible, a thoughtful gift, a phone call to catch up, and a heartfelt card can help her feel like you’re close – no matter the distance. For additional ideas for gifts, home décor, and more, visit the Twin Star Home blog or subscribe to our newsletter today.