A TV stand with electric fireplace with sliding barn doors in a room decorated for Christmas with a tree and garland.

Modern Farmhouse: Best Home Furnishings for Winter

When the weather turns cold and the snow begins to fall, it’s nice to nestle in by a fireplace with loved ones. Winter certainly calls for a home with added warmth, and not just warmth from your heating system. One way to add a warm and cozy feeling to your home is to furnish it in modern farmhouse style. Modern farmhouse furnishings are all about creating a warm, inviting space to gather with family and friends and giving yourself a place to relax and enjoy your downtime.

Interior designer Christy Davis couldn’t agree more. The Columbia, South Carolina-based designer says modern farmhouse style is just the thing for your holiday home.

“Holiday decorations and modern farmhouse style go hand in hand. It’s all about layering and textures and bringing the outdoors in – they evoke a warm and cozy feeling. Greenery, like garland, is the perfect accessory on a cabinet with a barn door,” Davis says.

Here’s a peek at some of the best home furnishings for turning your home into a cozy winter retreat.

Modern Farmhouse Electric Fireplaces Add Warmth

Wood-burning fireplaces can add an inviting focal point to your living space, but they can also be hard to install (unlike electric fireplaces) if your home doesn’t already have one. Plus, you have to keep a steady supply of firewood and be prepared to clean and maintain the fireplace and chimney. Luckily, no matter what kind of home you have, whether it’s a small apartment in the city or an actual farmhouse in the country, you can create the same inviting atmosphere that you would with a wood-burning fireplace by adding a clean and easy-to-maintain electric fireplace to your home, like the Chastain Electric Fireplace TV Stand with Sliding Barn Doors from Home Decorators Collection available at The Home Depot (shown above).

TV Stands that Warm Up Your Style

Another way to add cozy farmhouse style is with a sliding barn door TV stand. The Lorraine TV Stand at Wayfair with over 23,000 5-star reviews is clearly a fan favorite (and you can see how one delighted customer styled hers for the holidays below).

A two-tone TV stand with sliding barn doors in cream with a wood tone top underneath a large screen TV with a holiday movie playing. All in a room decorated for the holidays with Christmas tree.

A sliding barn door TV stand can be the centerpiece of your holiday décor. Courtesy of gzls.cozy.little.farmhouse.


Home Furnishings That Help You Entertain Holiday Guests

Winter brings in the cold weather, but it’s also when we gather with our family and friends for holiday celebrations. If you’re the one doing the entertaining, you’ll want home furnishings that make it easy for guests. Easy to mingle, easy to get a drink, and easy to delight in the delicious goodies you’ve prepared. This is where sideboards shine since, traditionally, they’re designed for serving food. Console tables or accents cabinets (like the one shown below), while not purpose-built for serving food and drink, can also offer you a place to put hors d’oeuvres or beverages, as they are typically the right height for serving guests, similar to a sideboard.

A two-tone accent cabinet in blue with a sliding barn door, in a room decorated for the holidays, complete with Christmas tree.

An accent cabinet is great for holidays whether you want to hide gifts, or display holiday décor. You can even use it as extra serving space.


A sideboard with a built-in wine rack lets you display your finest vintages. It can also double as a bar during parties. The Dionne Sideboard (shown below in white, also available in gray) offers you a place to serve drinks and snacks and features the look of sliding barn doors, one of the signature elements of modern farmhouse décor that creates a charming setting for both holiday parties and everyday living.

A farmhouse style sideboard with sliding barn doors in a room with rustic wood planking and sitting next to an electric lantern heater.

A sideboard is a great place for dishes, drinks, extra food, and even decorations.


When you have a modern farmhouse console table, such as the Winchcombe Console Table, you can either tastefully display your favorite seasonal décor in the entryway to welcome your guests or use it like you would use a sideboard for displaying scrumptious treats your guests will be talking about and devouring all night.

Practical Modern Farmhouse Home Furnishings Make Meal Prep Joyful

Whether preparing meals for holiday get-togethers or just making a cup of hot cocoa, the right tools make a difference. Put everything easily within reach with a rolling kitchen cart that solves the problem of limited countertop space.

Portable kitchen furnishings offer extra space for food prep as well as room for kitchen appliances, tools and more. Like the Dionne Sideboard, the Dionisio Rolling Kitchen Cart also features a sliding barn door aesthetic for charming modern farmhouse style. When you pair these pieces, it’s easy to create a welcoming look throughout your home that’s perfect for holiday festivities.

A rolling kitchen cart with sliding barn door in gray with a wood tone top, complete with instapot in open storage.

A modern farmhouse kitchen cart helps with meal prep and serving any time of year.


Get Ready for Winter with Modern Farmhouse Home Furnishings

The modern farmhouse style is a perfect match for decorating your home for winter. The wooden elements add warmth to create a cozy backdrop for making memories with family and friends. To learn more about home furnishings that can make your home a joy this winter, follow @TwinStarHome on social media today. Visit our blog for more ideas and inspiration to make your home a welcome respite in any season.