Our Mission

Home is a gathering place, a workspace, a play space, a haven. We never stop working to make life at home even better.

family playing games in front of the TV in the evening

Our Culture and Values

Home is special, sacred, personal - it’s about pulling together. And it fuels our work. Because we want what you want - a home we love, a job we love, a workplace where respect is a given and decisions make sense.

  • Consumer First
  • Work hard. Have fun.
  • Deliver results
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Focused
  • Decisive
  • Simplify

An Innovative Approach

From the most realistic flame effects to the most intuitive electric standing desk to lightweight, yet durable outdoor furniture — we keep innovating to make life at home more beautiful.

3D Flame Effect
3D Flame Innovation Fireplace TV Stand
Patent pending 3D Flame® effect technology creates a layered fire with customizable, dancing flames that give your home a cozy, magical glow.
Safer Plug®
Exclusive patented Safer Plug® fire prevention technology monitors the temperature of the plug, so you can be confident that your family, home and product are safe.
Safer Sensor™
Patent pending Safer Sensor™ fire prevention technology alerts you and automatically powers off if anything blocks the heat output.
adjusting your adjustable height desk
Illumitouch™ seamless, embedded control panel features an LED digital readout that appears and fades with just a light touch for a clean, uncluttered look.
Save Money
Being efficient should be as simple as putting first things first. And that’s what using our electric fireplaces for supplemental zone heating is – a concept that sounds complicated, but is actually the essence of simplicity.
Panoglow Innovation Electric Fireplaces
This extended three-sided glass display showcases a brilliant view of dancing 3D flame effects from any seat in the room. Illumitouch™ integrated controls offer a sleek, smooth look.
Executive Leadership