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Living Well At Home

7 Back to School Items You’ll Love

Back To Inspiration

Back to school can look different for different families these days. But no matter what, everyone can make a space at home that helps set students up for success.

What are some of the best items to help you create a space at home that makes learning easy? Read on to find out.

How to Choose the Right Desk for Back to School

Getting ready to learn (or work for that matter) should start with the desk. There are many options for back to school. Your space, student and equipment will all help determine which desk is the right one to help you be ready.

1. Standing Desk

standing desk may be the right option, especially if your student has trouble sitting still. Besides letting kids change positions to help fight the fidgets, it also creates a spot to learn or work that fits everyone better. Adjusting the desk to the perfect height is a great way to get equipment that is more comfortable. And a standing desk can help with getting more done, as well. boost productivity. Many standing desk users report feeling more energetic and alert. But even more than that, a Texas A&M study found that standing as you work may actually increase productivity.

Plus, a standing desk can be adjusted to fit more than one user with three programmable presets. And built-in USB charging to keep devices humming along.

A standing desk with a gray glass top and an open drawer
A standing desk is a great addition to an at-home learning station, home office, or at-home teaching station.

2. Leaning Desk

If you’re tight on space and need to make the most of it, a leaning desk with a small footprint like the one shown below can be the perfect solution. It offers a workspace sized right for a laptop or notebook. Plus, it has a drawer, upper shelves for storage and integrated USB charging. That way back to learning is happening at home, you can keep devices from running down.

A leaning desk with USB charging in a room next to a floor to ceiling window
A leaning desk is stylish and space-saving.

3. Student or Writing Desk

If a simple workspace is all that is needed, a writing desk with USB charging may be the answer. And if there comes a time when it is no longer needed as a desk, it can also be used in the entryway, or behind a sofa.

A student desk or computer desk with USB charging with a wood-tone desktop and gray metal legs
A simple writing desk with USB charging and a generous workspace may fit the bill perfectly.

Where to Store Everything for Back to School

Whether you need to find a place for school supplies and books in a new at-home learning station, or you need a place for coats, shoes, and backpacks near the door, there are stylish solutions that can help you control the clutter.

4. Bookcase with Cubbies

If you’ve found that a back to learning station at home involves storing more things than you imagined, adding a little storage can help. While a traditional bookcase is always a great option, if you’re looking for something a little different (and possibly more easily accessible for small people) a bookcase with asymmetrical open storage compartments like the one shown below may be the perfect solution. Plus, the open-faced cubbies are a small touch that may bring to mind classroom life for those who find themselves without it this year.

An accent cabinet with cubbies of different sizes and shapes next to a blue upholstered chair.
An accent cabinet with open-faced compartments can make the perfect addition for at-home back to learning.

5. Hall Tree

If the front door area or mudroom is the problem spot in your home, a hall tree can be the back-to-school item that is a game changer. Having a place near the door where coats, shoes, backpacks, purses, and even dog leashes can be stored not only helps control the mess, but also helps everyone get out the door without forgetting essential items.

Even if back to learning is happening at home, outside time will be important for everyone’s sanity and a hall tree with hooks and included baskets like the one shown below can help keep all the things you want for trips outdoors in one spot.

A blue hall tree with hooks above and baskets underneath the seat.
A hall tree with hooks and baskets is an unbeatable tool for organizing for back to school.

6. Hanging Coat Rack

If you don’t have the space for a hall tree, a simple hanging coat rack might be the answer. A wall mounted coat rack with a chalkboard like the one shown below also doubles as a message center – a fun way to add a smile to everyone’s faces with notes and scribbles as they head out the door.

In fact, something as novel as a chalkboard can be just the thing to inspire at-home learners. Going old-school with a math problem on the chalkboard could be the kind of non-seated, break-from-the-norm activity that helps everyone remember that learning should be fun too.

A hanging chalkboard perfect for back to school over a bench for storing shoes.
A wall mounted coat rack with chalkboard can be an entryway message center or part of a new at-home classroom.

Warming Up to Back to School

Whether it’s a new at-home classroom, a homework nook, or a college student’s apartment, staying toasty is a must.

7. Electric Heater

Wherever your student is, when the weather turns chilly a great way to keep them comfortable and focused – while saving money – is a duraflame® electric heater. With models small enough to go almost anywhere, and many available in fun colors, these heaters take the chill out of drafty rooms without taking much room. So, you save money on electric bills when you can keep the thermostat set lower and add heat only when – and where – you need it.

A small aqua cube electric space heater, perfect for back to school time in a room with a blue wall and a bicycle.
A duraflame® Cube Electric Stove Heater adds heat and style to any student’s environment.

Making Back to School Work for Everyone

No matter what the start of this school year looks like, creating the right workspace at home helps set everyone up for success. Especially as we navigate a school year that will require creativity and adaptability. Remember, meeting adversity with flexibility is a skill kids can use their whole lives and you’re showing them how to do just that. For more tips that can help you make home the best place to be, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.