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How to Set Up Your Home for Homeschooling and Remote Learning

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Prior to COVID-19, most people didn’t worry about having a place in their homes where kids could learn remotely. Even study nooks at home may not have been given much thought, but now (and probably going forward), at-home learning spaces get a lot more attention. School districts may be returning to in-person learning, but reasons for learning remotely can crop up quickly, as we all remember. Plus, the number of homeschooled children and virtual school learners has risen. So, if you want to revamp your at-home learning space for any reason, read here for ideas and inspiration from Twin Star Home to take charge of your space this school year.

Remote Learning Setup at Home

First, decide on a dedicated school and homework area for your children. For some families, this means using the kitchen table, dining room, or den as a makeshift classroom, when necessary. For others, the living room may have an appropriate corner, or the only true option might be a portion of your child’s bedroom. Regardless, this location should be quiet, uncluttered, and well-organized to support at-home learning.

After picking a location, the next thing to do is figure out what supplies kids will need for the school year. For classroom and virtual learners alike, teachers should send out a comprehensive list of materials needed for their classes, from acquiring the right books to filling an art box. Further, every child will need a laptop or tablet with a keyboard to participate. For homeschooling families, there may be more freedom in determining what is needed and what is not.

Depending on what’s on the list, these supplies will determine what furnishings might be needed to support your child’s at-home learning endeavors. The following items are great places to start:

  • A desk with a spacious surface to allow for typing and writing (like the adjustable height desk at the start of this blog)
  • A comfortable desk chair
  • Accent cabinet or bookcase for storage

Desk Ideas for Homeschool Students and Remote Learners

When it comes to finding the perfect desk for your student, there are many different styles that will not only complement your home’s décor but also enhance your child’s learning experience. One of the best desks out there is the Brayden Studio Cerqueira Writing Desk. Combining black, gold, and gray, it’s the perfect size for any space and enhances any room with a touch of modern style. What’s more, it features a sturdy metal base that can stand up to your kids, as well as two USB power ports for charging electronics. If needs change later on, this multipurpose piece can be used as a sofa table, entryway table in the foyer, and more.

A brown writing desk with a gold frame and built-in USB charging in a room with a blue wall and large window next to the desk
A simple writing desk with integrated USB charging can make an attractive and functional workspace.

Or for an option with integrated storage, this Rectangular White Wood 1-Drawer Writing Desk with USB Charging Ports at Home Depot (seen below) has a drawer and open front shelves for a compact piece with storage you can use. Plus, it’s got style that is attractive but versatile, for when your student wants to have a bedroom makeover, but you’re not looking to find new furniture.

A white writing desk with a drawer and open front shelves in a room perfect for at home learning
A student desk that offers ample workspace, functional storage solutions, and versatile style is perfect for learning at home.

Organization for Small Spaces in Your Home

Between printouts, notebooks, and all of your kids’ supplies, it’s possible that you may need even more storage than a desk can offer. And if space is especially tight, try to pick storage solutions that serve multiple functions. For example, consider adding an ottoman, which offers extra space to stow away school supplies while giving you a place to sit with your child in case they need help with their work.

Or if your child’s desk doesn’t offer any storage of its own, pairing it with a bookcase or bookshelf could be the perfect solution. The White Wood 8-Shelf Contemporary Standard Bookcase with Open Storage at Home Depot (seen below) is a stylish piece with ample storage. And it can even be used as a TV stand when turned horizontally if your needs change later.

If you choose to use a bookcase for storage, here are a few best practices for storing supplies and pulling the look together:

  • Keep books and notebooks piled neatly on the bottom shelves.
  • Add stylish bookends to hold up binders and folders.
  • Use decorative bins or baskets to group and organize supplies for easy access.
  • Add useful organizational tools to help your children stay on top of their assignments, like a dry-erase calendar or chalkboard.
  • Decorate the remaining shelves with your child’s artwork from school, a print-out of a test they aced, trophies, and more to highlight their achievements and motivate them in their learning space.
A tall white bookcase with storage areas of different sizes, some with wood tone back panels.
This bookcase offers interesting style and can even be used as a TV stand for TVs up to 80 inches.

Ace Your At-Home School Design with Twin Star Home

By making a few changes to your child’s at-home learning space, you can help them excel in school no matter where and how they’re attending class. For parents who home-school their children long-term, they’ll be able to revel in a gorgeous new space for years to come. To get started, browse our selection of desks and storage solutions.