An evening view of a she shed surrounded by trees that serves as a retail studio for Treci Smith

How to Make Your She Shed Feel Like Home

Sometimes a girl just needs to get away.

You know how it is. Even in normal times, the world dishes up heaping helpings of stress. Add quarantining and serious health concerns for loved ones on top of that and now there are definitely some moments when a bit of alone time is in order. Enter the She Shed. The modern answer to the Man Cave, it’s a woman’s escape in her own backyard (you know, like when too much togetherness has really become too much). These retreats can be tiny, simple spaces for women to be alone, or they can be elaborate hideaways suitable for girls’ nights in and garden parties (when people do those kinds of things again). No matter which end of the spectrum your shed falls into, it should be a space you love, filled with furnishings that make you feel good.

Erika Kotite, author of three books about she sheds and co-founder of She Shed Living, agrees that women should create a space all their own where they feel comfortable. “It’s important for women.”

So, whether you’re finally getting that shed you’ve been waiting for or you’re ready to give your garden shed a makeover, it deserves to be glamorous. Whether you garden, paint, read, relax, or work in there, you can start by adding a fresh coat of paint or putting up some wallpaper. After that, it’s time to furnish your she-shed with some pieces you’ll love. Check out these items from Twin Star Home® to transform your shed into a fabulous backyard retreat in no time.

A view of the kathy ireland Homes and Gardens Madison Ave. outdoor collection styled by Rachel Moriarty in front of a she shed with a multi-colored door.

Outdoor furniture can make the space just outside your she shed feel like part of your shed. Courtesy Rachel Moriarty.


1. Your She Shed’s Front Doorstep

Depending on the time of year, the space right outside of your shed can have as big a role as your shed’s inside space. There’s where great outdoor furniture comes into play. A set like the like the kathy ireland Homes & Gardens Madison Ave. collection shown below, styled by Rachel Moriarty is versatile enough to complement a variety of decorating styles.

2. Desk

Many women, especially with the explosion of working from home that has gone on in 2020, may want or need a quiet spot. That’s why Kotite, whose firm helps women design, build and enjoy their sheds, says many of her customers want a desk.

Something as simple as a small secretary desk (like the one shown below) with space for a laptop and a little storage – plus integrated USB charging for those sheds that have electricity – can be all that is needed.

A small secretary desk with USB charging in front of a shiplap wall for women who need desks in their she sheds, as Erika Kotite mentions

A small desk is perfect for those who need a desk in their she sheds.


3. Electric Fireplace for your She Shed

Nothing offers the same sense of coziness as a fireplace. You might be thinking it would be difficult to install one or messy to look after. But that’s not the case – instead, quite the opposite. Electric fireplaces require virtually no maintenance, and they’re easy to set up.

A natural wood shiplap electric fireplace with candle holders on top

For sheds with electricity, an electric fireplace can help extend the length of time you can use your shed each year.


If you’re so lucky as to have electricity for your she-shed, you can extend your use in cooler climates with an electric fireplace. For a she-shed, a simple wall mantel electric fireplace like the one shown above can be the perfect touch to add style and warmth when the temperature drops.

The fireplace’s electric heater can heat up to 400 square feet. So, you can feel warm and comfy as you snuggle up with a blanket and a book in the light of the fire.

Another great small space option is a duraflame® Infrared Quartz Electric Stove Heater, like the one shown below. Despite its small size, this stove heater offers powerful heating with Infragen™ heating technology that combines the wide-reaching heat of infrared quartz with the instant directional heating of halogen technology for heat you can feel up to 18 percent faster. The patent pending 3D Flame® Effect creates the most realistic, dancing flames.

A curved front duraflame electric stove heater next to a blue overstuffed chair

A duraflame® electric stove heater is the perfect size for a she shed and offers powerful heat for cool days and evenings.

4. Wine, Wine and More Wine

Maybe you feel like the ultimate she shed should have its own wine collection. Then you can sit back, unwind and sip on a glass of your favorite rosé or merlot. Some cozy overstuffed chairs can help make it the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends. Having a wine cabinet (like the one shown below) with your favorite vintages is the perfect finishing touch on your home away from home.

A wine cabinet with geometric patterned, mirrored doors in front of a shiplap wall

A wine cabinet can help bring a light, airy feeling to your She Shed.


Mirrored cabinet doors add a pop of style to the space. Storage for up to 12 bottles and hanging racks for stemware, make this the perfect piece for opening a bottle with a friend.

5. Coffee Table

Something as simple as a coffee table can be the perfect spot to put your feet up with girlfriends and share some wine and conversation, because at the end of the day, fostering camaraderie among women is a great use of any she shed.

A two-tone coffee table in black and brown in a she shed with a gray comfy couch

A coffee table is a great place to gab with girlfriends.


Get the Makeover You’ve Been Waiting For

Say goodbye to your old shed, and hello to a brand new space. With a bit of time and some home furnishings you’ll love, you can create a beautiful oasis to call your own.

Whether you’re going for glam, boho chic or modern farmhouse, there are styles to use in (and outside) every she shed from Twin Star Home – both indoors and out. Sign up for our newsletter today for even more inspo!