Where can I find an industrial style bookcase with matching desk for my home office?

Home Office Solutions: Picking Out the Perfect Bookcase

When you’re investing in a good-quality bookcase for your home office, you want to make sure it’s the perfect one for you, your home and your lifestyle. There are a couple of basic questions to ask yourself, including:

  • What size do I need?
  • What color and style would look best in my room?
  • Does it need to serve a specific function?
  • What kind of shelving system would work best?
  • Do I also want it to have closed storage?
  • Will I need to be able to adjust the shelves?
  • Do I want it to be able to adapt in case my storage needs change?

There are so many great bookcases out there to choose from. To help you narrow it down, take a look at some different options from Twin Star Home™ like the industrial style open architecture bookcase pictured above. Once you’ve found the one, you’ll be able to set it up in your home office with total confidence and enjoy it for years to come.

Find a Home Office Bookcase with Storage You Can Use

Complete with lots of functional storage, the Ashford™ bookcase makes it easy to stay neat and tidy. It features two drawers on the bottom, one of which is a file drawer, to organize documents. The shelves actually come with adjustable, removable partitions. This allows you to create a setup based on what works best for you. Topped with a sleek Pure Gray and High Gloss White finish, the bookcase boasts a fresh, contemporary design. It fits in great with any office, living room, hallway, or bedroom.

The Right (Classic) Style for Your Home Office Bookcase

If you want a classic, sturdy bookcase to hold your collection, you can’t go wrong with the one from the Genevieve™ collection from Twin Star Home. The four shelves are perfect for displaying your books, office supplies and decorative items. But the open side panels and removable top and base molding make it so much more than just a basic bookcase.

How do I find an updated traditional bookcase with a matching standing desk for my home office?

The Genevieve collection from Twin Star Home features a bookcase and accent cabinet with abundant storage and removable moldings to work as a wall unit.

In case you need more storage, you can remove the molding, so two bookcases can fit flush against each other. This also works with the Genevieve Accent Cabinet, which looks great paired with the matching Waxy Weathered Pine bookcase. However, it can also be a standalone piece. Cabinet doors keep all your items contained, but the decorative glass panels provide a glimpse inside. That’s why these wood shelves are great for displaying china, collectibles or other prized possessions. But they work just as well for books and movies, too. On the bottom half of the cabinet, you’ll find four full extension drawers. Two of them are designed for file storage, which is great for sorting either personal or business documents.

When It’s All About Color

Maybe your biggest priority in finding your next bookcase for your home office is color. If that’s the case, this gray bookcase with clean lines (pictured below) may be just the thing. As a pop of one of the hottest colors out there, this bookcase can round out your small space home office.

Where can I find a gray bookshelf for my home office?

Sometimes a simple bookcase in the perfect color can be just what you envisioned for your home office.

Or maybe you’ve been searching for a luxurious, high-end bookcase in a rich off-white finish? The Swedish Classics™ collection bookcase with removable molding from Twin Star Home was inspired by 18th century Swedish craftsmen and offers classic beauty but with a more affordable price tag. The molding helps frame your books and décor to draw the eye. The great thing about this bookcase is that you can use it to create a larger wall unit. Stand it next to another Swedish Classics bookcase or fireplace. Together, it creates a statement piece in your living room, dining room, office or bedroom.

Industrial Style Meets Home Office

Love the factory-inspired look? You won’t be disappointed with the Uptown Loft™ collection’s multipurpose bookcase (or the open-architecture bookshelf room divider). The Sawcut Espresso finish and matte black metal give off 1920s industrial vibes. This is a style that looks just as good in the living room as it does in the office.

Plus, this bookcase offers both open and closed storage options, which again, is ideal for keeping clutter at bay. There’s even one adjustable shelf inside the cabinet, making it easy to fit whatever you need to. So, no matter what you want your bookcase to hold, the Uptown Loft is sure to come in handy.

Where can I find an industrial chic bookshelf room divider for my home office?

The Uptown Loft collection by Twin Star Home features both a bookcase with an enclosed lower cabinet and an open-architecture bookshelf room divider that is finished on both sides for versatile placement in your home.

Featuring that same industrial design, the Uptown Loft bookshelf room divider is a unique, ultra-functional piece to have. As your collection grows, you can adjust the unit accordingly. The open back design helps it function like a room divider while still maintaining a great flow from one part of the room to the next. But you can also set it up against the wall and use it as a standard bookcase. This bookshelf really adapts to be whatever type of storage system you might need it to be.

Retro Modern Style for Your Home Office (or Any Room in the House)

The Wright™ collection bookshelf room divider functions similarly. With its open-back design, it is well-suited for use as a room divider. No matter how you set it up, the bookcase’s Cambridge Oak finish and unique shelving style offer lasting good looks. Not only that, but it’s durably built with tip-resistant hardware to hold your growing collection over the years.

Can a bookshelf room divider help me pull my room together?

The Wright collection bookshelf room divider is versatile enough to work with other pieces to create a modern wall unit effect that will get your friends talking.

Which One Will You Choose?

Bring your vision of the perfect bookcase to life with one of these many options. The diverse selection has something to offer for everyone’s style, tastes, and storage needs. If you have any questions about the pieces and want to learn more, feel free to reach out to Twin Star Home™ today. We’ll be happy to help you find the best bookcase for you.