White, modern bookcase with geometric cut-out sides in a light airy room with a bar cart.

Home Office Help: Organizing and Accessorizing Your Bookshelves

Book lovers know that stylish bookshelves are a must-have for any living space. But even if you’re not an avid reader, adding a bookshelf or two to your home office is a great way to increase storage and get organized. At the same time, they also allow you to flex your interior design muscles by putting your aesthetic on display. Ready to learn how to make the most of your home office bookshelf? Check out a few simple tips from Twin Star Home™ to get started.

Bookshelf Styling for the Traditional Home Office

Home offices grow more important every day as more people opt to work from home at least a few days a week. Even when you’re not using yours for work, it’s an ideal spot to pay bills and work on personal projects. Still, home office storage can be tricky because clutter builds up fast on your desk. Corralling it all in a well-designed bookshelf, however, helps maintain a neat look that promotes productivity and keeps everything you need within easy reach.

A mix of open and concealed storage helps make your bookshelf as versatile as possible. That’s why we suggest the Ashford Bookcase, from Twin Star Home™ in Pure Gray. Three shelves at the top come with adjustable dividers, making it easy to create custom-sized areas for books, binders and decorative items. Below, two storage drawers accommodate office supplies, while a full-extension file drawer keeps paperwork neat. But you’re not all work and no play, and neither is the Ashford. To style your home office bookshelf, we suggest:

  • Place a book with a beautiful cover on an easel-style stand at the center of one of the shelves. This creates a focal point and breaks up the monotony of crowded shelves.
  • Use divided sections to tell a design story with decorative accents united by theme or color.
  • Add battery-powered LED lights in fun shapes or letters for a quirky look.


A white and gray bookcase against an aqua wall styled with feminine knick-knacks to look reminiscent of a dressing room.

One way to add fun to the Ashford Bookcase from Twin Star Home™ is to use each section to display different accents with a similar color palette. Styled by Shannon Ggem.

Bookshelf Style that Makes Organization Fun

The great college move-in is in the rearview mirror now, but students of any age may still need help with the organization and look of their workspaces.

A simple, industrial bookcase and desk in a loft style room with large windows.

A simple, open bookshelf offers total flexibility to make the space fit your needs and your aesthetics.


To give your living space a serious style upgrade, consider a simple but striking two-tone bookshelf (like the one above). The contrasting dark and light finishes look right at home with a variety of aesthetics, from industrial to contemporary, and open shelving makes it easy to maintain an open, airy look. To make the most of your bookshelf, consider a few of the following styling strategies:

  • Place bins on the shelves to keep supplies out of sight, but opt for natural fiber baskets instead of plastic storage containers. If you really want to get creative, add buckets or wooden boxes to hold supplies.
  • Invite nature onto the shelves with hardy plants that don’t need much sun* – or a green thumb.
  • If you can’t hang artwork on your walls, consider hanging a small framed print from one of the shelves. Remove it to access items stored behind the frame. Keep it in place when you want concealed storage.
  • Avoid the messy look of crowded books by using bookends to set smaller groupings apart. While you could choose traditional bookends, any items that will stand on their own will get the job done. Try glass bricks, small, heavy planters or even jars filled with colorful items.

Making Style a Priority

When choosing a bookshelf, function is often the first thing that comes to mind. But bookshelves also allow you to display photos, art and other decorative accents. Even if your office is primarily a place to be focused and productive, a few carefully curated decorative items are a great way to make it your own. And they can serve as inspiration as you work.

For designer Christy Davis, finding inspiration to personalize your space this way comes easy.

“I find my design inspiration from all of our travels. We go to Europe and a lot of big cities, and what I find most inspiring is the landscape, the food, and the architecture.”

A mid-century modern two-tone bookcase in gray and wood tones with shelves that appear to float.

A bookshelf itself can make a statement and elevate a room’s décor when it has the striking style of asymmetrical shelves in a sleek two-tone finish.


When your top concern is style, choose a bookshelf that draws just as much attention as the items inside it. We love the mid-century modern styling of the bookcase pictured above. Floating shelves create plenty of open space to avoid overcrowding and give you room to play with height and shape as you mix in accents. There are so many ways to utilize this bookshelf, but some of our favorites include:

  • Create small vignettes on the six shelves by grouping items in odd numbers and of differing heights for a layered look.
  • Highlight an interesting shape on its own shelf – go traditional with a vase of fresh flowers or an elegant candle holder, or choose something unexpected that will surprise and delight, from an antique telephone to a striking piece of coral.
  • Mix materials and textures for added appeal. Glass, mother-of-pearl and metallics will draw the eye with gleaming finishes, especially when juxtaposed with rough metals, weathered wood or soft natural fibers.

Find the Perfect Bookshelves for Every Home Office

Bookshelves deliver just the right mix of practical storage and design flair to suit any home office, whether you’re outfitting your first apartment or updating a professional workspace. To learn more about quality furnishings for your home office, living room, bedroom and beyond, browse Twin Star Home™ online today. Questions? Contact us any time or use our find a retailer page to find your favorite products online.