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Home Furnishings to Help You Organize Your Kids’ Rooms

Every parent shares the same struggle – your kids’ rooms are spotless one minute, and the next, pure chaos has erupted. Suddenly there are clothes everywhere, and you’re tripping over every toy they own. Trying to take control of the situation can be a challenge. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are plenty of ways that parents everywhere can keep their children’s belongings organized and restore order. Here’s a look at just a few of them and the home furnishings that help.

Store More with Home Furnishings that Wow

If you’re at your wits’ end when it comes to the mass of items scattered across your kids’ rooms, the solution is simple. You need more storage! Twin Star Home® can equip you with stylish home furnishings that get the job done without forcing you to sacrifice beautiful interior design.

The Ashford Bookcase is a great place to start. Featuring pure gray and high-gloss white finishes, its dark brushed nickel hardware leads to full-extension storage and  file drawers. Three shelves also have five adjustable vertical dividers that are removable. That way, you can easily customize the bookcase to find a nook for everything your child loves. And for added peace of mind, tip resistant hardware is included to help prevent accidents and damage.

A close-up of the Ashford bookcase showing the vertical dividers that are removable.

The Ashford™ Bookcase includes vertical dividers that make it easy to store everything your child loves.


This bookcase also has flat side panels, allowing you to choose home furnishings from the rest of the Ashford collection to pair with it seamlessly. We recommend the Ashford Storage Cabinet, which features glass-front double cabinet doors and plenty of storage space. Inside, you’ll find an adjustable shelf and sliding bottom shelf. This slide-out storage is a perfect solution for storing music, video game systems, or a printer for school. Plus, its top surface enables you to arrange trophies, photos, and much more. It can even be used as a nightstand.

Create “Homework Central”

It’s important to have home furnishings that can provide the storage you need. Although, it’s just as essential to give your kids an inspiring place to do schoolwork. That’s where the right desk from Twin Star Home can make a huge difference. On average, American children spend roughly 30 minutes to an hour on homework, while teens with more intense workloads can spend up to 3.5 hours per night. By giving your kids a dedicated workspace they love, you’ll notice an immediate change in their attitude when it’s time to do homework or study.

A white standing desk with palm tree sits inside a gray room.

A standing desk can help kids focus on homework after a long day of sitting at school.

For the ultimate storage solution that doubles as the perfect workstation for kids, consider the Swedish Classics Secretary Desk. Boasting multiple purposes, its concealed surface flips down and slides out to reveal a large workspace perfect for homework, studying, and crafts. The bottom portion features two large storage drawers. Where better than here to keep school supplies and assignments? Additionally, six letter slots can be used to organize notecards and stationery. Not to mention, its versatile Baltic gray finish, pale brass hardware, and dentil molding complement the majority of existing interior design schemes.

This desk also features an integrated charging station with two AC and two USB power ports. That means your kids can charge their devices while they’re getting their work done, as well as have the ability to make the workplace their own by adding their favorite lamp, alarm clock, and more.

A desk with built-in USB power charges a phone next to a lap top.

A collection that gives students workspace and storage space can help them succeed at school.

Think Out of the Box

Not every piece of furniture that can organize your child’s space is super obvious. Think outside of the box when it comes to new ways of organizing. For example, home furnishings meant to organize elsewhere in your home can be used to help your child keep things in the right place. A storage bench with removable vertical dividers can be used not only in the front hall or mudroom, but can also be an organizing tool in your child’s room at the end of the bed. Use it as dedicated shoe storage or to give every toy a home. You can place blocks in one section, some books in another, and so on.

A storage bench with dividers is being used in the living room as a coffee table.

Eliminate Chaos by Investing in Home Furnishings

These are just a few ideas for pieces that can transform your child’s bedroom into an organized masterpiece. When your kids see how good their new home furnishings make their bedroom look, they’ll want to do their part by helping to keep the room clean. For more ideas, follow us on social @TwinStarHome.