A standing desk in front of a floor to ceiling window in a room with a modern TV stand with electric fireplace with blue flames and contemporary fire crystals.

Home Furnishings to Help You Live Healthier in the New Year

Living healthier is among the most often-cited New Year’s resolutions, whether it means getting fit or eating better foods. Deep down, we all want to live a little bit healthier, don’t we? If you’ve had enough of sedentary lifestyles or want to feel stronger, more energetic, and happier in the new year, you might be surprised to hear that your home furnishings can help.  When your environment supports your behavioral changes, it’s much easier to find success and stick to New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few items you can use to make 2020 your healthiest year yet.

Standing Desks: Home Furnishings for Health

If you’re constantly sitting at a desk in your home office, it’s time to get up. Sitting for too long can have serious consequences for your health, including weight gain, increased risk of diabetes, back problems and more. Sitting less is an important lifestyle change that can help improve your overall physical and mental well-being. Getting a standing desk, like the ActiveLife™ desks from Twin Star Home®, is a great way to start combatting the negative side effects of having a career that keeps you tied to a desk for most of the day.

Desks that offer automatic height adjustment, such as the Genevieve Standing Desk, let you switch back and forth between sitting and standing with the touch of a button. This innovative desk even has a GetActive™ timer that you can set to remind yourself to get up and move. With a desk that’s smart enough to remember your desired height settings, keeping your New Year’s resolution to sit less will be a breeze. And it can even keep your powered devices charging within easy reach.

Home furnishings in a home office including the wood tone Genevieve standing desk, with a matching bookcase and armoire, plus a wall hanging electric fireplace.

The Genevieve™ collection features an ActiveLife™ standing desk and other beautiful pieces that create a coordinated and stylish office.


Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand

Arguably, aerobic exercise, yoga, and strength training are some of the best ways to keep fit. But sometimes we need a little extra motivation to stay in the right mindset for working out. Many people use their playlists of favorite songs to keep them going strong through a workout. And, great music can help them keep coming back and sticking with it day after day. Others find it easier to stick with a fitness plan when they’re learning new moves with workout videos. Either way, a great audio system makes it easier – especially if it’s integrated into your home furnishings.

With a versatile entertainment center that can be configured with a Bluetooth speaker system, such as the Melissa Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand (pictured below), you can listen to your workout jams or the audio of your go-to yoga videos in crystal clarity. And, as an added bonus, if you’re planning on working out first thing in the morning, Twin Star Home TV stands can be purchased with fireplace inserts from ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces. The glowing, flame-like effect will warm up your space and help you get moving on those cold mornings.

A white Bluetooth® compatible TV stand with electric fireplace in a room with a blue wall, white couch, plants and a blue pouf.

The Melissa Bluetooth® compatible TV stand with electric fireplace helps you stay warm and inspired for at-home workouts.


Infrared Electric Fireplace or Space Heater

Have you ever noticed that when you turn on your home’s heating system you simultaneously have to start using thick winter moisturizers and filling your humidifier on a daily basis? That’s because most home heating systems drastically dry out your home’s air.

Beyond the fact that dry skin is a bit annoying, there are a host of other issues that can occur when the air gets too dry. These include increased risk of respiratory infections, flare-ups of eczema and other skin conditions. It can even result in difficulty breathing for those who suffer from asthma or indoor allergies. It’s best to keep the relative humidity level in your home between 30% and 50% to avoid problems from air that’s too dry or too humid.

A duraflame® infrared quartz electric stove heater with 3D Flame® effect in a room with a blue loveseat, blue striped rug and built-in shelves with the word "Love" on them.

A space heater like a duraflame® infrared quartz electric stove heater creates comfortable heat that doesn’t dry out the air.


To keep your home within the healthy relative humidity range without the daily humidifier fill-ups, add supplemental heat that warms your space without drying the air. That’s where infrared quartz heat comes in. It warms up the objects in a room rather than the air, so it doesn’t remove the humidity or oxygen the way conventional heating does. The result is a more comfortable and efficient type of heat. You’ll find this technology in our ClassicFlame® electric fireplaces and select duraflame® space heaters like the one shown above (available in black, bronze, and cinnamon).

Start the New Year Right with Home Furnishings from Twin Star Home

2020 isn’t just the start of a new year, it’s the start of a new decade. And it could be the start of a new you. Make the most of your New Year’s resolutions with home furnishings from Twin Star Home. They can help you live healthier in 2020 and for years to come. Follow us on social media @TwinStarHome to learn more about our furniture and our family of brands. Or check out our blog to find decorating ideas and inspiration you can use to help you make home the best place to be.