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Home Furnishings: 4 Thanksgiving Hosting Must-Haves
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Thanksgiving means gathering with family and friends to show our appreciation for one another and giving thanks for the blessings we’ve received throughout the year. And whenever there’s a gathering, there must be food. Whether your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the green bean casserole, the turkey, or the pumpkin pie, one of the best parts of getting together for this holiday is the delicious dishes.

If you’re hosting this year, and you’re worried about how to manage all of the scrumptious food and drink you’ll be serving, don’t panic. With the right home furnishings, presenting your mouthwatering meal and delectable cocktails to guests can be as easy as pie. Take a look at these four must-haves available from Twin Star Home™ for Thanksgiving hosting.

1. Home Furnishings for Stylishly Serving Your Guests

Even though we use them in a variety of decorative ways today, sideboards (like the one at the start of this blog), also called buffets, were originally designed specifically for serving food. Whether you’re planning on serving your food buffet-style or you know you’ll need a little extra space for your serving bowls during a family-style dinner, the sideboard can make your Thanksgiving run smoothly from start to finish.

Sideboards often have features that make it simple to serve your guests, such as drawers that can hold utensils, cabinets for storing linens and dinnerware and long tops to hold serving bowls and plates. Some, like the two-tone sideboard shown below, even have features like wine racks so you can show off your collection and easily open a bottle or two for the evening. And it’s available in white or gray.

A white two-tone sideboard with sliding barn doors and wine storage in a wood paneled room with a light blue poof in the foreground.
A modern farmhouse sideboard with wine storage, like the one shown above, makes hosting Thanksgiving dinner easier.

If you’re thinking you won’t find a sideboard to match your décor, think again. They come in a wide variety of styles, including modern farmhouse, traditional, and more. You can even find coastal styles, like a sideboard that comes in blue, green and white, which is delightful whether you own a beach house or not.

2. Prepare or Present Your Meal with a Kitchen Cart

The next item on your list of home furnishings for Thanksgiving dinner hosting should be a rolling kitchen cart. These carts are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for the kitchen and dining area. Besides offering extra space for cutting up vegetables and other food prep tasks, kitchen carts with wheels can be rolled out to where your guests are. So, whether you’re bringing in the turkey at the big moment or serving coffee after dinner, a cart can help you look like the perfect host. How you use it for your party all depends on how creative you can be.

A white kitchen cart with drawers in a gray kitchen with a floor to ceiling window has a turkey on it, ready to serve to guests.
A kitchen cart can be the perfect way to add serving space to your holiday dinner.

Kitchen carts are more than just an extra work surface on wheels. They can offer a range of features that help make life even easier. Choices range from kitchen carts with open storage and drawers to options like a modern farmhouse style kitchen cart with a working sliding barn door for a little extra hidden storage space if you want an ultra-clean look throughout the year. You’ll also find kitchen carts like the one shown below, with a solid wood top and a glass pane cabinet door, which also feature drawers for stowing away your kitchen tools or utensils. And almost every kitchen cart will come with a towel rack that doubles as the cart’s push handle. The kitchen cart is the ultimate multi-tasker.

A white kitchen cart with drawers and a glass front cabinet door in a rustic, vintage kitchen makes the perfect piece of home furnishings to help prep for Thanksgiving.
A kitchen cart can be a lifesaver for meal prep and on Thanksgiving.

3. Home Furnishings for Offering Beverages to Your Guests

While Thanksgiving food is usually the star of the show, your beverage selection needs to hold its own. Whether you want to offer your guests all the fixings to make their own cocktails or you’re making a nice big bowl of mulled cider for the occasion, having a central location for drinks will really help you show off your hospitality know-how. And you don’t have to have a full, built-in bar to do it. All you need is that home furnishings secret weapon: a bar cabinet.

Bar cabinets are a simple way to create a beverage center for your guests. What makes a cabinet a bar cabinet? Look for pieces like the bar cabinet shown below that feature wine bottle storage and stemware racks. These are key for anyone serving wine, but they also signal to guests that this is where all of the drinks will be.

A bar cabinet with a glass door and open front wine storage in a room with a wood floor.
A stylish bar cabinet makes a great station where guests can find wine and cocktails without creating extra traffic in the kitchen.

4. Store and Display with an Accent Cabinet

Life is lived at home, and sometimes that means things can get a little untidy. When you’re preparing your home for Thanksgiving guests, it pays to have places to hide everyday items and put out and your favorite holiday accents. Accent cabinets are ideal for this.

If you want to show off some of your items and not others, a combination of open shelving and storage space hidden behind a door is an excellent choice. A single sliding door accent cabinet, like the one shown below, which features adjustable shelving, helps you find the storage solutions that suit your needs.

An accent cabinet with wine storage and a sliding door is just the kind of home furnishings purchase you can make to give your home elegant style.
An accent cabinet with a single sliding door offers both concealed storage and open display space.

Find the Home Furnishings that Bring Everyone Together

Whether you’re getting the chance to host Thanksgiving for the first time or you just want things to run a little smoother this year, Twin Star Home has the home furnishings to help you host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Check out our Find a Retailer page today to learn where you can find these products or visit our blog for home decorating ideas and inspiration this holiday season.