A home styled for autumn with pumpkins and other fall decor placed on a console table and a bench with storage.

Home Furnishings that Help You Go from Summer Style to Autumn Looks

Change is one of life’s surest constants, and nothing demonstrates that quite as well as the four seasons. Although many of us are reluctant to relinquish summer’s warmth and sunshine, autumn’s beauty and splendor are a bounty all their own. Plus, with a color palette full of burnt oranges, rusty reds, and deep browns, it offers plenty of opportunities to transform your home into a cozy fall haven. Whether you want your living room, dining room, entryway, or all of your home furnishings to mirror the seasonal transition happening outdoors, our easy tips can help you make your interior design vision a reality.

Incorporating Fall Scents

Few things can trigger our memories as vividly as smells. That’s because the parts of our brains that deal with scents, memories, and emotions are highly interconnected. As a result, scents travel a direct path into both our emotion and memory centers, making fall smells powerful prompts of seasons past.



A two-tone entryway bench with open-front shoe storage styled for autumn with pumpkins and fall colors.

Even an entryway bench with storage can hold fall accents for that autumn feeling.


To quickly take your space from beachy retreat to autumn harvest, we suggest placing some scented candles on your accent tables, coffee tables, and other surfaces. Using scents like Macintosh apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, and caramel, you will evoke countless fall memories while giving your space an undeniable fall feel. Even an entryway bench, like the one at the start of the blog, is a great place for candles and other fall décor.

A two-tone console table in black with washed wood-look drawers and an open lower shelf, styled for autumn.

Placing fall décor on the accent furniture around your home really helps create that cozy autumn feeling.

Using Warm, Autumn Tones

Your next step is to bring some of autumn’s gorgeous, earthy colors into your house. You can achieve this in many different ways, including with fabric. For instance, if your curtains are still light and summery, try switching them out for a deeper, cozier tone. A rich yellow or olive green are perfect choices to usher your home into the fall season.

Another simple way to incorporate fall colors into your space is with decorative accents. Think throw pillows, accessories, area rugs, and wall hangings. Apart from fall colors, you can also use these items to bring in some traditional fall patterns, such as flannel, paisley, deep-colored florals, and more. And you can have them anywhere in your home.

Setting a Roaring, Electric Fire

Picture it: you and the family are just getting ready to curl up together and watch a movie. What makes that picture even better? A TV stand like the Sloane TV Console with CoolGlow™ ClassicFlame® Electric Fireplace from Tresanti® at Costco. It offers supplemental zone heating for rooms up to 1,000 square feet when the weather is cool AND features a cooling fan for use during the warmer months. And you can enjoy the brilliant, dancing flames whether you are using the electric fireplace for heat, the cooling fan for a breeze, or neither.

A large two-tone farmhouse style TV stand with CoolGlow 2-in-1 electric fireplace and cooling fan.

A CoolGlow™ ClassicFlame® 2-in-1 electric fireplace and cooling fan makes your home comfortable all year long.


Beyond matching the flickering flames of your scented candles, the glow of dancing flames makes any room feel more cozy. But if you don’t have a wood burning fireplace (or have one, but find lighting a crackling fire to be a LOT of mess and hassle), there’s a better way. If you don’t have a hearth or the room for a larger unit like the one shown above, there are more compact options, as well. A simple wall mantel electric fireplace, like the one shown below, has a small footprint in your home. And, it only requires that you plug it in – no set-ups involving outside professionals like wood or gas-burning fireplaces require.

A simple, shiplap wall mantel electric fireplace in a wood tone styled with pumpkins and fall garland.

A simple wall mantel electric fireplace can add heat to rooms up to 400 square feet and help you lower bills with supplemental zone heating.

Creating Natural Centerpieces this Autumn

What better way to give your home an autumn boost than by bringing in some natural elements from the great outdoors? As the season of harvest, there are plenty of flowers and crops that you can use to create a beautiful do-it-yourself centerpiece, such as pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, mums, and hydrangeas. Simply lay down an earthy-toned table runner before starting your assembly and then get to work. When you’re finished, you’ll have created the perfect dining space to treat guests to fall favorites like soup, chili, and warm apple cider.

Updating Your Outdoor Space

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that your backyard and patio are out of commission. Rather, fall is the best time of year to bundle up in a warm sweater and fuzzy socks and sit around a glowing fire with friends and family. Apart from telling ghost stories and comparing football stats, sitting at an outdoor fire is a great opportunity to create new fall memories.

A rectangular fire pit table with dancing flames that is perfect for autumn nights.

An outdoor fire pit table makes crisp fall evenings something everyone will love.

Give Your Home a Fall Makeover

The happiest people view change as an opportunity for growth. So as the days get shorter and the temperatures get chillier, we encourage you to view fall’s beauty as a way to hone your interior decorating skills. Plus, you’ll get to spend some quality time with the people you love. For even more autumnal ideas and inspiration, sign up to receive the Twin Star Home® email newsletter today.