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Home Furnishings for Pampered Pets

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Everyone enjoys a relaxing resort vacation, but for many they’re in shorter supply these days. That means for pets, too. Pet resorts have been popping up across the U.S. for a while now, but with many of us traveling less in 2020, a spa retreat for your pet just may not have made the list from a budget or risk perspective. But if luxury grooming services, premium doggy daycare, and high-end pet retreats aren’t in your budget, don’t worry. A few additions to your home furnishings will make any room in your house the perfect place to pamper canine companions or feline friends (and maybe a nice spot for humans to relax, too). A TV stand with a PanoGlow™ electric fireplace from ClassicFlame® is great example of that kind of spot. Check out our best tips for creating resort-style comforts for your pets at home.

A black and white cat on a black and white patterned rug in front a TV stand with PanoGlow electric fireplace.
A TV stand with PanoGlow™ electric fireplace from ClassicFlame® makes a serene spot you that your pet will love too. Photo courtesy Brena Allande.

Home Furnishings to Keep Your Pet Warm

There’s no doubt that pets love to be cozy. After a walk on a crisp (or downright chilly) fall morning, you may see your dog or cat curled up near a heat vent to soak up some extra warmth. Offer them a more comfortable place to snuggle and get toasty with a safe, attractive electric fireplace or electric stove heater (like the Duraflame Infragen 3D Electric Stove Heater shown entrancing a feline admirer below).

A cat in front of a mint green duraflame electric fireplace stove heater with glowing logs and 3D flame effect.
A duraflame® electric stove heater is always a hit with pets. Photo courtesy Mika Auerbach.

With the ClassicFlame® Artesian Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace (seen below), your furry pal will love joining you for a binge-watching session or movie marathon. The included fireplace delivers a 5,200 BTU output to keep the viewing area warm and inviting when cold weather strikes. Your pet may also enjoy the relaxing effect of dancing flames the same way you do. Thanks to patent-pending 3D Flame® Effect technology, you can both sit back and watch realistic dancing flames. Five adjustable brightness and speed settings let you create a custom look for the ultimate in relaxation.

A brown and white dog sitting on an upholstered chair next to a white wall mantel electric fireplace.
Pets love to cozy up beside an electric fireplace and you’ll love how a wall mantel like the Artesian looks in your home. Photo courtesy Angela Scarbrough.

Beat the Lonely Pet Blues

Your pet is happiest on the days you spend together. As much as you’d like to be available for them all the time, even while many of us are working from home these days, often there’s no avoiding work meetings, school, and other commitments. Some pets will use this alone time to catch up on napping or watch the wildlife outside your window. Others, however, are more prone to separation anxiety. For these pets, leaving a television on for background noise creates the illusion of people in the house to help them feel less alone.

A small dog sitting on a dog bed in front of a cream colored TV stand with electric fireplace.
A TV stand with electric fireplace means you can keep your pet happy and warm, while protecting your television. Photo courtesy Andrea Stephens.

To protect your display when pets are home alone, choose a TV stand designed to safely hold your large flat-screen. This keeps the TV stable to avoid tipping and other hazards. The Emelia TV Stand works well for most TVs up to 50” and offers a chic look with stylish X-frame paneling. An integrated cable management system prevents tangles and keeps cords out of sight, making chewing less tempting for young puppies. The stand also offers plenty of storage, featuring shelves for A/V components and side cabinets with stylish dual X-frame paneling on the doors.

A gray TV stand with electric fireplace is the kind of home furnishings upgrade you and your pet can enjoy.
A TV stand with storage and an electric fireplace is great for helping pets stay warm, while keeping things out of reach.

Anxious pets may also chew on anything left out, from remotes and game controllers to your favorite decorative treasures. The Nancy TV Stand for TVs up to 60” solves this dilemma with side cabinets featuring glass doors. Glass allows a quick view of the items inside the cabinets and offers a charming farmhouse aesthetic. Keep a pack of pet treats inside, and you can reward your pup for his good behavior while you were out for the day.

A blue TV stand electric fireplace with windowpane cabinet doors and an open lower shelf is a stylish home furnishings addition.
An electric fireplace TV stand can be functional and stylish.

Make Pet Monitoring Easy

With a pet camera, you never have to leave your pets truly alone. These devices let owners check in to make sure pets are happy, safe, and content throughout the day. You can even choose an automated treat dispenser that lets you dole out snacks before you get home.

Ensure secure placement for your pet tech with a stylish accent cabinet. Big on style and storage alike, these cabinets are available in a wide range of décor aesthetics to match your current design. Take the Dumas 2-Door Accent Cabinet. Paneled doors create a cool, beachy feel and provide plenty of room for brushes, bowls, toys, and other pet essentials. Place your camera on top for a clear view of your pet’s daily activities. You can even keep it powered throughout the day with one of the cabinet’s convenient USB charging ports.

A white coastal style accent cabinet with louvered doors in a room with a light blue panel-styled wall and a jute rug.
An accent cabinet can hold pet accessories or support an interactive pet camera.

sliding barn door accent cabinet offers a compact footprint and plenty of space for your pet camera and accessories. A two-tone finish and sliding barn door provide modern farmhouse style to suit your country-inspired home. Thanks to a cord management hole in the back panel, you can easily route camera cables without unsightly cords in view.

A two-tone white accent cabinet with a sliding barn door with a farmhouse mullion is a versatile addition to your home furnishings.
A sliding barn door accent cabinet also makes a great place for a pet camera.

Home Furnishings to Spoil Your Beloved Pet

Your pets are part of the family. Show them you care with home décor that keeps their needs – and yours – at top of mind. For more ideas and inspiration on pet-friendly home furnishings, visit the Twin Star Home™ Blog. You’ll find everything needed to create a comfortable, relaxing haven for you and your furry companion.