An open, airy room with farmhouse style home decor including a side table with USB charging, a TV stand with sliding barn doors, a coffee table, a console table and a bench with shoe storage.

Home Décor Changes for the New Year

Ringing in the new year is a tradition that makes us take stock of where we’ve been and what we want in the future. If you’re looking around your home thinking you need a refresh, this is the perfect time to give every room a once over and see where you can make some changes. The good news is, you don’t need to make big, expensive, complicated updates to bring new life to your home décor. Here, we offer three examples of home décor changes for the New Year that are simple, yet impactful, so you and your home can have a new beginning in 2020.


Update Home Décor with a Quick Bathroom Renovation

When you hear the words “bathroom renovation,” you probably jump to images of costly, time-consuming retiling projects and full-fledged remodels. However, because bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the home, they can easily look like they’ve had a full upgrade by simply replacing the vanity and a few of your decorative items. When you choose a new style of vanity, it instantly changes the look of the entire room because it’s usually the focal point.

The only thing you have to decide is your new style. Will it be a modern farmhouse vanity, like the Trogdon Sliding Barn Door 36” Single Bathroom Vanity (a favorite consumers can’t stop raving about,  shown below)? Or will it be a contemporary piece and give off a tranquil vibe like the Woodbine 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set? Twin Star Home® offers bathroom vanities in a wide variety of styles, making it easy to match your personal taste.

A bathroom vanity with sliding barn doors and woven baskets on open shelves in a room with a stainless steel tub and windows looking out on a green lawn.

A modern farmhouse style bathroom vanity can give any bathroom a whole new look.


A Multifunctional Guest Room Redo with Home Décor Upgrades

One of the best parts of having a guest room is that you can use it for other things when it’s not occupied. But you don’t necessarily want it to look like you’re trying to accommodate your guests in your sewing and crafting room or your artist’s studio. So, you need home décor for a guest room that serves dual purposes and helps you keep things organized and neat. A nice touch is to have a desk that can easily double as a craft table, like the versatile Uptown Loft Desk (shown below). Its three different sized drawers allow you to keep supplies hidden away, while the spacious top will give guests a place to put their travel essentials during their stay.

An industrial-style, command central desk with drawers with holders for parchment label cards and a stool in front of it.

The Uptown Loft™ Command Central™ desk is versatile enough to use in many different rooms of the home. Styled by Christy Davis.


An industrial style desk with a top pencil drawer and medium storage drawer open. Styled with items including a blue glass bird by Christy Davis.

The Uptown Loft™ Command Central™ desk features three different sized drawers to help you organize better. Styled by Christy Davis.


Adding an accent cabinet like the Ruth Sliding 1 Door Accent Cabinet to your guest room is another great way to keep your hobby items stashed neatly away to make your guests feel more at home. Another piece that will make life easier for guests is the Lesher End Table (shown below) that includes two USB charging ports, so guests won’t need to hunt for a place to plug in their devices.

A white end table with open fronts and open sides with diagonal slats and integrated USB charging.

An end table with integrated USB charging is great in a guest room, but also a lifesaver in your living room.


Give Your Living Room an Easy Makeover

While you could completely renovate your entire living room for a fresh look, changing up the colors and accents you use in your current space can make it look like your home has had a full makeover without breaking your budget. Color can change the mood of a room dramatically, and it can be done in a variety of creative ways, such as using color-themed throw pillows and blankets and painted picture frames. If you decide your living space needs a new color scheme, it’s a good idea to consult the color wheel to make sure you end up with the look you had in mind.

If you’re looking to decorate your home in a different style, replacing your accent furniture delivers fast results. Is your current home décor too traditional for your taste? You can swap out a piece or two with an item like the Jahn Accent Cabinet (shown below) that adds mid-century beauty and a pop of new color to your room. This cabinet will have friends oohing and aahing about your fabulous sense of style – especially when you show them the wine storage and flip-down surface for making drinks.

A green bar cabinet with mid-century style legs and handles with decanters and a plant on top.

A new bar cabinet can add storage, style and a pop of color you’ll love.


A green bar or wine cabinet with doors open to show x-style wine storage and a drop down surface for mixing drinks.

Ample storage makes this cabinet an ace at helping you organize and it offers you a perfect place for guests to make drinks when you entertain.


Add Some Heat to Your Home Décor

If your living room doesn’t already have a fireplace as its centerpiece, the New Year is a great time to add one. It’s simpler than you think with an electric fireplace (like the Ellistone Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand with ClassicFlame® Electric Fireplace shown below) that offers all the warmth and coziness you need for enjoying winter nights with virtually no maintenance. And an electric fireplace can help you work on other resolutions like living healthier and greener. An electric fireplace produces cleaner heat than traditional wood burning fires, so your family doesn’t breathe in fumes and ash, plus it offers more efficient heating for your home that’s also better for the planet.

A Bluetooth compatible TV stand with electric fireplace with a stone surround in a warm room with built-in shelves and natural light.

A TV stand with an electric fireplace can make the perfect (warm) centerpiece of your revamped living room.


Update Your Home Décor Quickly and Easily with Twin Star Home

At the Twin Star Home family of brands, we believe you should be able to update and refresh your home décor so that it displays the true picture of who you really are. That’s why we design several styles of furniture, including modern farmhouse, contemporary, retro, coastal, industrial and more. Whether you have questions about our furniture styles or want to know more about our electric fireplaces, browse Twin Star Home by style to perfectly match your home.