A two-tone TV stand with electric fireplace has stand-out brass hardware.

Hardware to Make Your Living Room Furniture Stand Out

Color, material, style – what’s at the top of your checklist when choosing new living room furniture? Hardware might not seem like an obvious consideration. However, it’s something you should keep in mind as you select the accent furniture that will set your space apart. In fact, hardware just might be one of the unsung heroes of home décor. Not only can it offer serious decorative flair, but it also provides a great way to reflect your overall theme through functional details. If you’re interested in hardware that goes beyond basics, we’ll address three trends you won’t want to miss.

Living Room Furniture Hardware Trend #1: Ring Pulls

The beautiful thing about furniture hardware is how easy it can be to change it out for upgraded style. “When it comes to designing a space, the dazzle is in the details,” says interior designer, Rachel Moriarty. She adds, “Think of furniture hardware as the jewelry of the piece. An easy, affordable way to spruce a plain Jane piece of furniture is to simply switch out the hardware or go bold and add oversized statement hardware.”

If big and bold isn’t quite your style, you should know that hardware doesn’t have to be over-the-top to attract attention. In fact, sometimes sleek simplicity wins out over bold and brash designs. This is especially important when other furniture features are intended to stand out. To avoid design elements that compete rather than complement, simple hardware, like ring pulls, strikes just the right balance.

Take the glam styling of the Gerde Accent Cabinet, for example. Mirrored doors with screen-printed geometric mullions create drama and sophistication, providing a clear focal point for the piece. And while overstated hardware could prove overwhelming, elegant ring pulls complement the beauty of the doors with simple sophistication. They’re highly functional, too! It’s easy to open the doors and access adjustable interior shelving for all your living room essentials.

A gray accent cabinet with mirrored doors sports silver ring pull hardware for an instant upgrade to living room furniture..

Living Room Furniture Hardware Trend #2: Barn Door Styling

Could you have predicted the role that barns would play in today’s décor trends? From weddings hosted in barns to modern farmhouse style tables, bookcases and other furnishings, barn-inspired design serves up country charm with a bit of industrial edge in its metal hardware. And the barn door trend isn’t just about style. It also provides concealed storage for all those living room essentials you can’t live without. That’s especially important today, as the American family’s need for storage is greater than ever before, with an average of 300,000 items in every household!

If you’re looking for living room furniture that contains all your stuff in style, the Ruth Sliding 1-Door Accent Cabinet is sure to please. A sliding barn door offers a combination of open and concealed storage. Plus, rugged metal track hardware and authentic horizontal panel details add cool flair. Slide the door to the left to keep a collection of wine bottles visible, or slide it right for easy access to adjustable shelving. The cabinet’s metal feet and large metal handle echo the track hardware for a look that sets your living area apart.

A wine cabinet with a sliding barn door shows off matte black track hardware.

Living Room Furniture Hardware Trend #3: Invisible and Effortless

Can your furniture make a statement with invisible hardware? We think so, especially when clean lines and strong, simple shapes are at the core of your design aesthetic. As mid-century modern and minimalist styles remain extremely popular, you’ll find more living room furniture options that address hardware with inventive solutions, offering built-in grooves, notches and cutouts as an alternative to knobs, pulls and handles.

The Sutton Accent Cabinet takes this approach with hidden finger grooves that allow you to easily open the cabinet doors and reach the storage space within. Euro hinges that stay hidden when the cabinet doors are closed echo this commitment to clean lines. To complete the look, slim legs with a matte finish blend effortlessly with the surrounding décor. Thanks to its striking, uncluttered design, the cabinet can be used beyond the living room. It also works as a focal point in the foyer, for additional bedroom storage, and more. Additionally, convenient pass-through cutouts in the back panel help it to serve well as a TV stand, too! There’s even space to house your cable box, receiver or gaming console.

A gray accent cabinet with finger grooves on the cabinet doors instead of traditional cabinet hardware.

Putting the Focus on Furniture Hardware

As you compile your wish list for living room décor, don’t forget to keep an eye out for stylish hardware that lets you tap into current trends. Need more tips for home decorating and furnishings? Check out ideas and inspiration from Twin Star Home® to find everything you need for your living room, home office, and more.