The words Happy Halloween on a gray wall over a wall mounted electric fireplace

6 Halloween Decorating Ideas from Sweet to Spooky

When the calendar changes to October and you feel that chill in the air, it’s almost impossible not to think about how you’ll celebrate Halloween or what your costume will be. With more of us spending time at home these days, how will you decorate your home this year to keep the spirit lively? There are infinite possibilities, no matter what your style is. Here are six aesthetics you can consider trying and pieces of advice on how to pull off your look from Twin Star Home.

1. Contemporary

Pumpkins, goblins, candy – these are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think about Halloween. When it comes to such a classic holiday, though, it can be challenging to figure out how to bring these themes to life with a contemporary twist. Consider these simple ideas that are not only easy to accomplish but will yield eye-catching results:

  • Skip carving your pumpkins this year. Instead, pick up some spray paint and give them neutral hues like beige, white, and coffee. You can even turn the stems silver or gold. Then, use markers, stamps, or other art tools to add some patterns or designs, from zebra print to spider webs, and when you’re satisfied with the finished product, display them on your bookcase, on your patio, or wherever you think they’ll receive the most attention.
  • Coffee table books are some of the most contemporary accessories out there. Choose some of your favorite haunted tales or murder mysteries and arrange them in an intentionally messy pile.
  • Find a fun Halloween tablecloth for your accent table that won’t clash with your décor. Place some candles and seasonal flowers, and finish off the look with a bowl of candy corn.



A shiplap wood wall mantel electric fireplace decorated with fall decor

Spray painted pumpkins can make for great décor, especially on a wall mantel electric fireplace.

2. Organic

Not every decoration has to come from the stores. Add some originality to your space by using organic materials to create some truly unique pieces. For example, gather some twigs, pinecones, and leaves from your backyard and hot-glue them together to form the base for a wreath. From there, find some bright orange flowers to weave into the wreath and show it off on your front door, in the dining room, or in the living spaces where your family and friends love to hang out.

You could take a similar approach to create a centerpiece for your kitchen table or outdoor dining set. Find some driftwood to sand down and nail together to form your base. Add colorful dried leaves, feathers, gourds, and the like. When your design is complete, place it in the center of your table and place a candle on each side.

3. Understated

Sometimes, the best way to decorate for Halloween is to simply make subtle changes around your home. Place some pumpkins near the entryway, switch out your throw pillows for fall- or spooky-themed ones, and put out a stylish glass jar or dish filled with candy. Mood lighting is another great way to be understated, too. Aside from some homemade jack-o-lanterns, there are plenty of pieces you can choose from that feature integrated electric fireplaces, which give off an ambiance that perfectly complements the season.

A black wall mantel electric fireplace with glowing flames and a large group of Halloween painted pumpkins arranged in front on the floor.

An electric fireplace is a great way to create a Halloween mood. But fun, decorated pumpkins don’t hurt either.


Try out one of the following ideas for your home:

4. Kid-Friendly

If you have little ones at home, it’s safe to say that they’ve been looking forward to Halloween for months! Make their experience even more exciting by decorating with fun inflatables for your yard. From giant pumpkins and Casper the Friendly Ghost to the Wicked Witch of the West, they’ll be there to greet the kids as they get home from school and will fill their hearts with Halloween-induced wonder.

Another great way to implement kid-friendly décor is to get them involved with some do-it-yourself projects, which you can then proudly display around your home. Teach your youngsters how to make a Halloween terrarium, or help them carve and decorate some pumpkins. When the creations are complete, place them where the kids will see them often, like your end tables in the living room or your bathroom vanities.

A rustic white TV stand with glass doors with X mullions with group of witch's hats hung over the TV and stand.

Even some fun witch’s hats (homemade or otherwise) can make great kid-friendly décor above your TV stand. Photo courtesy of (Taylor Diane).


5. Spooky

If you can’t get enough of the annual haunts and scary thrills, this aesthetic might be for you. Break out the black curtains, spray fake spider webs onto the walls, and turn up your favorite spooky soundtrack. There is a true plethora of scary Halloween decor available, such as:

  • Statues of monsters
  • Eyeballs in a vase
  • String lights in the shape of bats
  • Skulls and fake blood
  • Posters of terrifying clowns
  • Coffins filled with lifelike rats or spiders
A mantel top decorated with spooky stuff for Halloween and small hang tag sign that says "The Witch Is In."

It’s easy to give your home décor, including a wall mantel, a fun, spooky look.


6. High-Glam

Sparkling, bedazzled décor certainly has its place during the Halloween season. From gem-studded pumpkins to luxurious roses, you’ll have no trouble glamming up your sideboard, dining table, or wall mantel this year for October 31. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following ideas:

  • Rose gold, chrome, or golden brass finishes make average items like candles, picture frames, and lampshades look stunning while adding a Halloween-esque glow.
  • Replace the faux greenery from your favorite vases and replace them with dried flowers and plants to create a spooky vibe.
  • Create a haunted tablescape with shiny black dishes, silver utensils and chalices, and burnt orange, reusable napkins.

Get Ready for Halloween with Twin Star Home

By implementing any of these six looks to your space this fall, you and your loved ones are in for a Halloween you’ll truly never forget. Want to stay up-to-date with the latest styling tips and tricks? Don’t forget to subscribe to the Twin Star Home email newsletter!