A Tv stand with a three-sided electric fireplace sits in a living room with chic and modern home decor.

Electric Fireplace: 5 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Spot to Stay Warm this Winter

One of the best things about the winter is using that time inside to enjoy some cozy, peaceful moments with the ones we love. And nothing is better at creating that cozy feeling than the warmth and glow of a fireplace. Thanks to technology like the patent pending 3D Flame® Effect from ClassicFlame®, it’s easier (and more realistic looking) than ever to enjoy that beauty and comfort with an electric fireplace. There’s a lot less maintenance involved with an electric fireplace than with a wood-burning model. And you don’t have to clean any soot or carry in logs from the yard.

When it comes to creating a cozy feeling in your home, an electric fireplace can add warmth AND ambiance any time of year. And maybe you’re looking to add a little ambiance with Valentine’s Day right around the corner😉). Here are five ways you can create a cozy space with your electric fireplace this winter.

1.     Dress Up Your Electric Fireplace Mantel with Style You’ll Love

Electric fireplace inserts are versatile enough to find their way into a number of different types of furniture (or even hung on or installed into a wall, but that’s a whole different blog). They can be incorporated into a TV stand, like the Glenville from Home Decorator’s Collection at Home Depot. They can also be part of a traditional wall mantel. If you enjoy classic style and you have a mantel like the one that comes with the Sedalia Electric Fireplace (pictured below), your décor options for any season are virtually endless. From topiaries to family photos to decorative sculptures; anything you would put on a wood-burning fireplace mantel can be placed on your electric fireplace mantel. You can even bring a bit of the natural world inside during the winter season. For example, try placing tealight holders made of wood or sprigs from seasonal greenery atop your mantel.

Or, if you want to stay inspired all year long, you can always have your favorite quote put to canvas so you can artfully display it above your electric fireplace.

A white wall mantel electric fireplace sits against a light blue wall for simple yet elegant style.

A simple wall mantel electric fireplace can offer a perfect backdrop for décor in every season.

2.     Complement the fireside glow with Candles

That warm feeling that we get while sitting by a fire doesn’t just come from the heat. The flickering light has a way of calming the mind and putting us in a peaceful state. To amplify this effect, complement the glow of your electric fireplace with the glow of candles throughout your living space. Moreover, scented candles not only give you more warm light, but can also evoke particularly pleasant feelings associated with the scent. If you can’t get enough of your mom’s apple pie during the holidays, there’s a candle out there for you that can extend the holidays straight through until the end of winter. Even when they’re not burning, decorative candles used in your décor provide a sophisticated, yet casual, look that makes everyone feel right at home.

Even just arranging candles on top of your wall mantel electric fireplace can add a warm glow to your room, as you can see below.

A brown shiplap wall mantel electric fireplace has gold and white votive candle holders sitting on top of it.

Arranging candles on or near your electric fireplace creates a warm feeling.

3.     Install Bookshelves Around Your Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

If you have a wall-mounted electric fireplace, such as the Roven Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace, you’re already halfway to creating a cozy living space this winter. Wall-mounted options are versatile because they can create a sleek, minimalist appearance when used as the singular focal point. Or they can help create a unique, inviting look when surrounded by custom-made shelving and personal décor. If you’re looking to give your home a cozy feel, try installing bookshelves around your wall-mounted electric fireplace. Then, you can fill them with vintage or decorative volumes of your favorite classic literature.

A wall mounted electric fireplace with three sided viewing hangs on the wall of a room full of neutral home decor.

A wall mounted electric fireplace surrounded by bookcases is a great way to make your home feel cozier.

4.     Place a Luxurious Area Rug in Front of Your Electric Fireplace

One of the advantages of owning an electric fireplace (or a duraflame® electric stove heater) is that there’s no risk of embers flying into your home’s interior. You can feel free to throw down a decadently soft faux fur or sheepskin rug to really make your home cozy. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add some big, comfy cushions. They are perfect for romantic fireside chats with your loved one or relaxed family game nights with the kids.

A duraflame electric stove heater with a chevron back panel sits in front of a furry rug.

A faux fur rug under or in front of an electric fireplace or electric stove heater is not a hazard. Unlike wood burning fires, there are no sparks or embers to fly out of electric fireplaces.

5.    Switch out the Artwork above Your Electric Fireplace with a Wintry Scene

If you already have artwork displayed above your electric fireplace, replacing it with a seasonal piece quickly changes the mood. Incorporating a winter or Valentine’s theme brings out the best in your seasonal décor and offers a welcome change. Whether your aesthetic calls for a classic scene, such as a village softly covered in fresh snow, or you have a more modern sense of style and would appreciate an edgy, contemporary motif, a change of artwork can instantly help you make a cozy winter home.

Interior designer and star of Bravo’s Buying It Blind, Michel Smith Boyd, likes to take a different approach to artwork and mantels.

“I think there’s so many ways to style mantels and I try to take it a little bit more contemporary,” Boyd says. “I actually treat mantels like ledges and I layer artwork, as opposed to having the traditional mirror or the family portrait above it. I’ll layer three or four pieces of artwork, just leaning against the wall and not actually attached. Just sitting on the mantel. I think it’s a cool way to add a different idea about design. And seeing more than one piece of artwork [takes off pressure] because there’s so much pressure to pick that one, right? Choose three!”

Create a Cozy Space with an Electric Fireplace from Twin Star Home

If you don’t already have an electric fireplace to help you stay cozy this winter, Twin Star Home® offers a wide selection of styles to complement your home’s décor. Browse our blogs for more ideas and inspiration for decorating with electric fireplaces.