White wall mantel electric fireplace decorated for Halloween with hanging witches and black and white painted pumpkins and gourds.

Dressing Up Your Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace for Halloween

There are few things that scream “fall” more than turning on your electric fireplace and getting cozy with family and friends. This is especially true around Halloween. And while 70 percent of households hand out candy and celebrate, there are lots of ways to join in on the festivities. To help you wow guests and make the most of the spookiest time of the year, follow these tips from Twin Star Home™ for some spooky wall mantel electric fireplace decor help.

1. Consider Your Electric Fireplace’s Qualities

When considering all of your Halloween décor possibilities, look at the qualities of your wall mantel electric fireplace. Knowing what you want to highlight on your fireplace will guide your holiday design.

For instance, if your electric fireplace features a varied stone look like either the Eugene Wall Mantel or the Pioneer Wall Mantel from Twin Star Home, you may want to avoid loud or busy patterns. But if you have a blank canvas to work with, as offered by Twin Star Home’s simple white Artesian Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace (pictured at the start of this blog) or the shiplap mantel pictured below, the opposite can be true. Whatever the case, you can modify the following steps as needed to best suit your electric fireplace and existing décor.

2. Lay Down a Base

Now that you’ve thought about which looks will best complement your wall mantel electric fireplace, it’s time to get your design started. First, protect the top surface of your electric fireplace by laying down a festive piece of fabric. This will serve as the base for your display. When laying the fabric, check the manual that accompanied your fireplace for safety clearance information and ensure that the fabric hangs at an appropriate length away from the heating element. Black fabric is a great choice since it will complement almost any existing décor. It also captures the essence of Halloween! You can try playing with texture and go for a lace, silk, or linen fabric base, too.  Alternatively, a print with autumn leaves is also a viable option that will look fabulous without breaking the bank.

Brown shiplap wall mantel electric fireplace from Wayfair decorated with autumn leaves and gold pumpkins.

Anything from lace to cobwebs to autumn leaves can make a great base for Halloween and autumn décor.


Once your base is in place, you can start to get creative. Weave orange, silver, or purple string lights around the fabric to add some life to your design. Halloween banners or garland also offer dimension to your electric fireplace. If you decide to add elements like this, do so early in the process. This helps to avoid any tricky maneuvering with other items. And you can make sure to follow safety precautions like leaving a safe clearance between your décor and your electric fireplace’s heat output.

3. Give Your Electric Fireplace Spooky Touches

Next, spice up your Halloween display by adding touches of themed décor and envisioning the style you’re trying to achieve. Start with the wall space above your electric fireplace. Swap out any framed for a haunted wreath or Halloween themed art. This will extend your design to your entire wall! If you have wall sconces or a mirror currently in place, you can take some of the same fabric you used earlier to dress up those as well.

Once your wall pieces are in place, you can add spooky touches to the progress you’ve made. Balance out your wall art by adding decorative pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, candles, incense, and more. While some prefer a minimalist appearance, others love tying together their Halloween design by spraying fake cobwebs over the elements.


The top of a wall mantel electric fireplace decorated with spooky, yet quirky Halloween decor including a black jeweled candelabra, tealights, and a funny witch's shoe.

A variety of decorations can give your mantel a feeling as spooky or as quirky as you like.


Additionally, don’t forget the floor! Finalize your design by enhancing the space in front of and around your electric fireplace. Automated Halloween décor can bring your fireplace to life. For example, think about a friendly waving ghost or walking zombie. On the other hand, you can keep it traditional and involve the whole family in carving pumpkins that proudly showcase in front of your fireplace.

4. Turn on Your Electric Fireplace and Let It Roar

When you’re done with the Halloween decorating, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the hard work you’ve put into the holiday. Switch on your electric fireplace and allow the dancing flames and glowing embers to add the final touch.

A black wall mantel electric fireplace from Twin Star Home against a white wall with Halloween painted pumpkins.

A classic black wall mantel electric fireplace, like the Artesian from Twin Star Home™, can be the perfect backdrop for the Halloween décor that fits your home best.


Depending on which electric fireplace you own, there may even be settings that allow you to choose the color of your flames and add extra effect to your display. Take the Carrara Wall Mantel from Twin Star Home for example. It features Spectrafire® 3D with five adjustable color, brightness, and speed settings! That means you get to customize your realistic fire and complement your carefully picked décor. Plus, its cool marble accents complete your stylish Halloween look.

A white marble surface decorated with fun Halloween decor including candy corn and a sign that says, "My broomstick runs on coffee".

The look of any material, including marble, can work with your Halloween mantel display.


It All Starts with the Right Furniture

If you don’t yet own a wall mantel electric fireplace or want to upgrade your current one, now is the best time of year to shop our lineup of electric fireplaces at Twin Star Home and ClassicFlame®. You’ll be able to find electric fireplaces in a variety of configurations that can enhance both your decor and supplemental zone heating strategy. Already have a Twin Star Home or Clssicflame electric fireplace that you love? Show it off on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag us @TwinStarHome!