A reading nook with a leaning bookshelf against the wall in a gray room next to an aqua couch with gray pillows

Create Your Perfect Reading Nook for Book Lover’s Day

August 9 is National Book Lover’s Day, a holiday dedicated to the love of literature across the United States. There are lots of ways to celebrate, from donating to a library and watching an adaptation to making bookmarks and, of course, reading your favorite novel. To treat yourself to something truly special, however, why not set up a personal reading nook?

If 2020 has found you curling up at home with a good book much more than in previous years, it may be the perfect time to create a comfy, stylish place where you can relax when you stay in to read. Reading nooks are also perfect for children who are preparing to start school virtually from home. To get started, consider these tips from Twin Star Home® and bring your nook to the next level with cozy ambiance, tasty treats, and reading supplies close at hand.

Keep Your Favorite Books Nearby

First and foremost, your reading nook needs a safe yet aesthetically pleasing way to display your collection of books. If you’re like most bookworms, you probably have multiple shelves scattered throughout your home, with an impressive library on each. While you might be tempted to move all of them into your nook, you don’t want your comfy space to get crowded.

Instead, integrate a dedicated bookcase or bookshelf (like the one shown above) into your reading nook, where you can store your all-time favorite titles and current reads. That way, whatever you’re itching to read most will be within easy reach, and you won’t have to peruse your entire home for the book you feel like curling up with. With so many styles to choose from, a new bookcase or bookshelf can easily reflect your personal tastes while serving as a statement piece for your reading space.

An industrial bookcase with books, a large clock and several green plants.

A bookcase can reflect your personal style while helping you create a space you’ll love.

Get Cozy by the Fire

After organizing your books, it’s time to set the mood for reading. The delightful warmth, light, and crackling background sounds of a fireplace are all great for establishing the cozy atmosphere you want when you’re about to enjoy a good book.

Luckily, those without an in-home hearth can still enjoy the ambiance with an electric fireplace, like the one shown below. Offering a compact size, it won’t overwhelm your nook or crowd your space. And because it runs on electricity, you won’t have to worry about the danger of burning wood or the ashy, smoky mess that often accompanies a real fire. You can even turn off the heat to continue enjoying the realistic embers during the warmer months of the year – a perfect furnishing to add to your nook for summertime National Book Lover’s Day. For smaller spaces, an electric fireplace stove is another great option to add ambiance, with or without the heat.

An asymmetrical, industrial style TV stand with electric fireplace against a gray-ish blue wall next to a window.

An electric fireplace can help you add a warm, cozy feeling to your favorite spot to read.

Prepare to Sip and Snack

When reading for hours on end, it’s easy to work up an appetite and become thirsty. To prolong your book nook enjoyment, pair your reads with some appropriate refreshments. Many people love a mug of tea, coffee, or creamy hot chocolate placed on a nearby side table like the one shown below, though a glass of wine is also a great choice.

A modern style "C" side table next to a beige sofa.

A side C-table can help you keep your things close if you cozy up to read on the couch.

Whip up some book-themed snacks to munch while you read as well. For instance, fans of English novelist Jane Austen may enjoy a home-baked scone or tea biscuits. If you’re a fantasy buff, nibble on some Turkish Delight sweets in a tasty callback to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Make some southern biscuits for Beloved, or honor literary legend Oscar Wilde’s wit with a plate of light cucumber sandwiches.

Settle in with a Blanket

Now that you’ve assembled the essentials, all you need is to wrap up in a blanket, prop up some pillows, and start reading. When you’re done, store your pillows, blankets, reading lights, and other accessories in a TV stand or sideboard, like the one shown below. With a storage solution like this in place, your necessities will be easily accessible near your nook – not scattered throughout your home. It all adds up to more time reading and less time sifting through a disorganized closet or searching high and low for your favorite cover.

A TV stand with linen-inspired door fronts in a room with rustic wood paneling and a blue pouf.

A TV stand or sideboard can offer storage in the room with your reading nook for items like blankets.

Create Your Reading Nook Today

With so many bookworms opting to stay at home these days, it’s the perfect time to finally set up the reading nook of your dreams. You won’t only enjoy it on National Book Lover’s Day, but you’ll have a cozy, peaceful space to escape to whenever your love for literature encourages you to open a book. For even more ideas and inspiration, subscribe to the Twin Star Home® email newsletter today.