A chic city apartment furnished in mid-century style with accent furniture including a bookcase, a wine cabinet, and a standing desk set as a dining table.
“Make yourself at home!” If that’s something you find yourself saying often, you might be in need of some simple tricks to make your job as host or hostess easier. But whether it’s for weddings, milestone birthdays or holidays, you can position yourself as the “host with the most” with the best accent furniture to… Continue Reading The Best Accent Furniture When You’re Having Houseguests
Bright blue room with white fireplace.
Going to work, taking care of family, planning that party, getting in that workout… It is easy to get so busy that we forget to think about how we feel at home. And, it’s even easier to overlook how our home furnishings can make us feel about home. However, our surroundings have an enormous impact… Continue Reading How to Discover the Best Home Furnishings for Feeling Positive
How to save money on heating bills with a wall hanging PanoGlow electric fireplace in a white and gray living room with a winter scene outside.
Do you like to stand over your kitchen sink at home and light $20 bills on fire for fun? If, for some reason, your answer is no, you might be one of those types that actually likes to SAVE money. Which means you should probably learn about using an electric fireplace or space heater as… Continue Reading How to Save Money on Heating Bills with an Electric Fireplace
A bottle of pink rose next to blue drinking glasses sits on top of a bar cabinet.
Valentine’s Day and wine go together like roses and chocolates. So, what better way to celebrate than with a stylish bar cabinet? From a romantic glass of red wine to your favorite spirits and shaken cocktails, a bar cabinet is perfect for enjoying any beverage at home with a loved one. Whether you are celebrating… Continue Reading For the Love of Wine and Cocktails: Bar Cabinets for Valentine’s Day
A Tv stand with a three-sided electric fireplace sits in a living room with chic and modern home decor.
One of the best things about the winter is using that time inside to enjoy some cozy, peaceful moments with the ones we love. And nothing is better at creating that cozy feeling than the warmth and glow of a fireplace. Thanks to technology like the patent pending 3D Flame® Effect from ClassicFlame®, it’s easier… Continue Reading Electric Fireplace: 5 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Spot to Stay Warm this Winter
Enterprise TV stand by Twin Star Home with matching storage piers in a gray living room.
If you just purchased a brand-new TV, there’s no doubt you’re excited to set it up and watch your favorite movies or check out the big game. Before you do, however, you’ll need a TV stand that ensures you can view the screen comfortably and provides all the features required to make the most of… Continue Reading TV Stand Buying Guide: Features, Function and Style
A white motorized standing desk in a home office.
Whether you want to create a professional space for a small business or simply need your own area to pay the bills, an office can be an easy addition to any home. As you determine how you’ll set up your office, however, it’s important to remember that the furnishings have a serious impact on whether… Continue Reading Home Office Buying Guide: How to Get the Perfect Desk
An industrial home office including a desk and bookcase with open shelves and filing cabinet, all in a room with a brick wall.
Maybe you’re turning your spare bedroom into a functioning workspace, or maybe you’re transforming the corner of your living room into an area where you can get work done. Regardless of the size of your space, you need your home office to be arranged efficiently. A combination of the right pieces from Twin Star Home®… Continue Reading How to Set Up Your Home Office to be More Productive
An open, airy room with farmhouse style home decor including a side table with USB charging, a TV stand with sliding barn doors, a coffee table, a console table and a bench with shoe storage.
Ringing in the new year is a tradition that makes us take stock of where we’ve been and what we want in the future. If you’re looking around your home thinking you need a refresh, this is the perfect time to give every room a once over and see where you can make some changes.… Continue Reading Home Décor Changes for the New Year
A standing desk in front of a floor to ceiling window in a room with a modern TV stand with electric fireplace with blue flames and contemporary fire crystals.
Living healthier is among the most often-cited New Year’s resolutions, whether it means getting fit or eating better foods. Deep down, we all want to live a little bit healthier, don’t we? If you’ve had enough of sedentary lifestyles or want to feel stronger, more energetic, and happier in the new year, you might be… Continue Reading Home Furnishings to Help You Live Healthier in the New Year
A large TV stand with electric fireplace with split logs and cabinets with glass-front doors.
Another new year is here, which means it’s time to evaluate last year and plan for an even brighter future. Maybe your goals for the New Year center on creating the home of your dreams? If yes, 2020 can be the year when you finally remake your living space and truly love every room. Helping… Continue Reading Electric Fireplaces: 3 Ways They Can Make Life Better in 2020
A red duraflame electric DFI-550 electric stove heater next to a Christmas tree with packages.
Are you feeling a little apprehensive about being cooped-up with winter upon us? Some folks feel a little bit homebound when the snow starts to fly. And that can be especially true for those who are living in small spaces. But there are a lot of reasons why there’s no need to fear winter. In… Continue Reading Small Space Living: 5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season