Madison Avenue outdoor furniture by kathy ireland styled by Rachel Moriarty in front of a shed with multi-colored doors.
Picture this: it’s a beautiful, sunny day, and family and (if you’re ready) a few carefully selected friends are enjoying a backyard barbecue on your patio. The food is delicious, the drinks are cold, and everyone is having a great time as they relax on your outdoor furniture or gather around the bar. What could… Continue Reading Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide
The kathy ireland Madison Avenue outdoor furniture seating group on a wood deck next to a pool.
With the weather really starting to heat up in many places and school winding down, summer is upon us. It’s time to clean up the pool, relax in comfy outdoor furniture, and soak up the sun. But before the fun can begin in your backyard oasis, check that you have everything needed for the best… Continue Reading Get Ready for Summer Fun with Outdoor Furniture and Patio Must-Haves
An outdoor seating set with tan wicker and navy cushions including a couch, two arm chairs, two ottomans and a coffee table on a deck overlooking a green lawn encircled by mature trees.
Beyond all that the day represents, Memorial Day also usually serves as our national kick-off of summer. While summer is still coming this year, there is still uncertainty about many of the things we associate with summer and Memorial Day. Fireworks, parades, concerts, and other big events are likely on hold or cancelled in keeping… Continue Reading 4 Ways to Honor Memorial Day with Your Family
A simple desk, file cabinet, and bookcase in gray in front of a window looking out on green grass and trees
Working from home is a dream for some. After all, you can enjoy the comforts of home while you respond to emails, turn in reports, and finish big projects. But working at home presents its own challenges, and it’s important to have strategies in place to keep you focused and unstressed. That’s even more true… Continue Reading 6 Ways to Get More Done When Working from Home
A set of four outdoor chairs with navy cushions from the kathy ireland Homes and Gardens Madison collection on a patio overlooking a green lawn and foothills with trees.
With estimates that social distancing may continue through the summer, our homes (and especially our backyards) continue to be our sanctuaries where we stay safe and relax. Staying at home is the new going out. And if all this newfound staying at home is making you a little stir crazy, the outdoors may be calling… Continue Reading Make Your Backyard the Perfect Outdoor Escape When We’re All Staying Inside
A curved navy, outdoor sectional sofa and ottoman with a backpack and books.
If you’ve been finding your new and expanded role in your child’s education just a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Parents across the U.S. have been adapting to a new normal that requires learning to take place at home. Even those who’ve been homeschooling for years are faced with the challenges of education without access… Continue Reading Patio Furniture that Takes Homeschooling Outdoors
A round outdoor daybed with terracotta color cushions next to a pool.
Moms work hard, love hard, and give their all for their kids and families. That’s why we set aside a special day each year to recognize them and everything they do. This year, celebrating Mother’s Day will feel a little different. We can’t travel across the country for visits, hold big family brunches, or even… Continue Reading Mother’s Day: 6 Top Gifts for Mom for Every Budget
A dresser style bathroom vanity sits in natural light.
From the master suite to the extra powder room, a bathroom vanity defines the space. It’s a great way to reflect your home’s overall aesthetic and make any bathroom more functional and organized. That said, choosing the right vanity can be a little tricky. To help you make the best choice for your home, let’s… Continue Reading How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Vanity
Finding the best furniture for a home theater or audio room
Some people dream of a home theater with big comfy seats and a huge screen where you can watch the latest movies. Others want to kick back and relax while savoring every note by their favorite artist in a dedicated audio room. Whether you’re transforming your living room into your very own theater or your… Continue Reading The Best Furniture for Your Home Theater or Audio Room
Wicker patio furniture sits in someone's backyard on a sunny day.
Even if you are a homebody at heart, the new norm of staying home can be less than easy to say the least. However, a simple shift in perspective can make all that social distancing a bit brighter. Consider extending all the ways you live life into your backyard. Here’s how the right patio furniture… Continue Reading 3 Ways Your Patio Furniture Can Make Staying Home Better
A traditionally rustic two-tone TV stand with electric fireplace in a light airy room.
Purchasing your first home is an exciting and important milestone. It can also be an overwhelming experience for many. From all the steps to get you to closing, and then the actual moving in process, there’s plenty to keep track of. On top of this, you also have to put thought into home furnishings for… Continue Reading Home Furnishings Purchases Every First-Time Homebuyer Should Make
An inviting, curved patio conversation set by Kathy Ireland with brown wicker base and white cushions with black piping.
While your dog might be in heaven with a houseful of people suddenly home, the people in your house (maybe you especially) could feel like it’s a LOT of togetherness. If everyone is getting a little stir crazy, turn your attention to your outdoor space and see how to make time there even more relaxing.… Continue Reading How the Right Outdoor Furniture can Turn Your Shelter into Your Sanctuary