best tv stands for football season according to twin star home

3 Best TV Stands for Football Season

When the weather turns cooler and summer comes to an end, most of us are looking forward to the best time of year for sports fans: football season. By the time preseason rolls around, you’ve already invested in the perfect big-screen television to catch all the NCAA and NFL action. But without the right TV stand to display it on, you won’t be able to make the most of that crystal-clear, larger-than-life view. Twin Star Home™ has a few suggestions to help you create the perfect game day viewing area before the season gets underway. Read on for the best TV stands that you’re sure to enjoy from the first kickoff and well after playoffs are over.

Try a TV Stand with Theatre-Quality Sound

Most football fans would agree that there’s nothing quite like being at the game and taking in the sights and sounds firsthand. From the cheers and shouts of the crowd to announcements made by on-field referees, all that gameday noise is one of the thrills that make watching your team so fun. However, you can get those gameday echoes throughout your own home! When you have a TV stand with integrated sound in place, you can have the same feeling as sitting front and center.

Living room home decor for football season

A barn door TV stand with integrated speakers offers chic style and great quality sound.

One great option for the audiophile football enthusiast is this barn door style TV stand from Twin Star Home that features built-in speakers with Bluetooth® connectivity. The Bluetooth® function allows you to pair the TV stand with your mobile devices for wireless streaming while integrated AV hookups offer seamless theatre quality sound on football Sundays. That means you’ll hear every game detail loud and clear with sound that will wow any fellow fans you might have watching with you. You’ll also enjoy catching up with football podcasts and other sports news by streaming right from your phone or tablet between games. Use the Bluetooth™ connectivity even in the off-season when entertaining with your favorite music. What’s more, ample shelving and storage space mean you can decorate this TV stand with team memorabilia for a game day environment that shows off your team spirit!

A TV Stand that Heats Up the Competition

While going to the stadium is a thrill in itself, there are plenty of perks to watching games from the comfort of your own home. You can serve up homemade treats, kick back on the couch with your favorite fans, and save yourself the headache of trying to escape a crowded parking lot after the game. There’s also something nostalgic about watching games that are being played in the snow while you’re nestled in the warmth of your living room surrounded by family and friends. This is the exact scene you can set for your guests when entertaining them this football season in front of a TV stand that features an electric fireplace.

Which TV stand will make football season better?

A TV stand with an electric fireplace sets a cozy atmosphere for entertaining guests.

This TV stand for TVs up to 70 inches comes complete with an electric fireplace as well as Bluetooth® speakers like the barn door TV stand mentioned earlier. Realistic glowing logs, embers, and adjustable flames can set the mood for fiery excitement or help even the most frazzled fans stay relaxed during game-changing moments. The electric fireplace also provides you and guests with extra warmth during those late-night winter matchups.

Go Big While Staying Home

The best way to feel like you’re in the stands? An immersive screen that captures every detail. That’s why so many football fans invest in larger TVs. However, that expansive picture comes with the need for sturdy support that positions your TV properly and keeps it stable through the most raucous cheering.

Where can I get a large TV stand for football season?

The Berkley TV stand can support a TV that measures up to 80 inches and weighs up to 155 pounds.

The Berkley TV Stand with Electric Fireplace from Twin Star Home is a popular choice for anyone who prefers a larger screen for sports, movies, video games and more. It can support TVs up to 80 inches and up to 155 pounds for unrivaled support in creating the most ideal football watching experience. Its two side cabinets with clean lines and glass doors keep the focus on the game while allowing you to complement your décor with team gear and more. Meanwhile, it features a removable 42-inch electric fireplace from ClassicFlame®, the market leader in electric fireplaces. That way, you and your guests can stay warm and cozy as you toast to sweet victory.

Where Can You Find the Best TV Stands?

Now is the time for football fans everywhere to prepare for the new season. To find the perfect TV stand options to get you through every game and watch party, check out the full assortment of TV stands at Twin Star Home™. You’ll find high-quality furnishings for your space and style in tune with today’s trends, as well as classic pieces that you’ll cherish year after year. Need more home decorating inspiration? Keep checking our blog to get more ideas for every room of your home.