A white standing desk in a room with a large window, a Christmas tree, and a wall unit comprised of two white and gray bookcases and a TV stand with electric fireplace and Bluetooth speakers.

Avoid Extra Weight during the Holidays with a Standing Desk

For many people gaining a significant amount of weight during the holiday season is a serious concern with parties and hard-to-resist recipes. The good news is that the weight gain in any given holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is typically smaller than people might imagine. The bad news is that the effect of that gain year after year can add up. But there’s more good news – combatting that weight gain may be easier than you think. One easy way is to invest in a standing desk, which keeps you on your feet and burning extra calories. Here’s a look at how the right adjustable height desk from Twin Star Home™ can make a difference.


Increase Activity with an Adjustable Height Desk at Work or Home

Our bodies were designed to be active – not sit in an unsupportive chair for hours on end each day. When you consider the added calories that come along with the holidays, just sitting at work, day in and day out can result in tighter pants and added pounds. That’s where standing desks come into play. They allow you to get out of that sedentary position while making a positive impact on your overall health.

The Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk, can be set at any height between 29.5” and 47” so you can find the most comfortable position. Its sleek design features a black glass top and matching black finish, blending into virtually any existing interior design. You’ll also find Illumitouch™ LED touch controls on its top, with up and down height adjustments and four height presets, in addition to these features:

  • A convenient charging station featuring three 2.4 amp USB ports
  • Smooth and quiet motor for seamless transitioning
  • A lock button on the side to eliminate inadvertent height adjustments
  • Partitioned storage drawer with plenty of room for supplies and more
A well-lit room with large windows and a standing desk to the right, plus a modern TV stand with electric fireplace straight ahead.

The Tresanti™ standing desk helps you sit less during the holiday season when there seems to be a party every day.

Set Reminders to Stand with the Right Standing Desk

It’s easy to settle in at the office, get started on a project, and let time fly by. Before you know it, you realize you haven’t stood up in a long time. It’s even easier to forget to stand when you’re fighting off a full belly after bringing in those holiday leftovers. But with an adjustable height desk from Twin Star Home, you can have your desk remind you when it’s time to get up and move.

Both the Ashford Standing Desk (similar to the one pictured at the start of this blog) and Genevieve Standing Desk feature the GetActive™ timer, which allows you to set reminders to stand throughout your workday. Researchers suggest that workers spend at least 20 minutes per hour on their feet to unlock the full benefits for their health.

But that’s not the only feature these two pieces share. With either standing desk, Eco Mode will put your display to sleep within seconds after the controls are activated. Plus, it has integrated USB charging for up to three devices with three 2.4 amp USB ports. Keep your smartphone charged, tablet ready to go, and any other devices powered for when you need them.

Find Your Adjustable Height Desk Now

With the right standing desk, you may be able to prevent gaining weight around the holidays. And, you’ll also be working on improving your posture, which will show in all of your new family photos. Check out Twin Star Home™ on social @TwinStarHome to see more of our standing desks and other products that help you make home the best place to be.