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Accent Furniture to Make Any College Apartment Feel like Home

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A college student’s first apartment is an exciting milestone, as they all look forward to the chance to decorate their own blank space. Of course, these dwellings often mean limited space, and a 20-year-old’s tight budget can make creating a functional apartment challenging. But with just a few key pieces of accent furniture from Twin Star Home™, any college apartment can feel like home. From the leader in electric fireplaces and electronic standing desks, here are a few ideas to help those college students spruce up their off-campus housing.

Make It Feel Like Home with the Right Accent Furniture

There’s nothing like the warmth of home, but when a college student moves into their first apartment, it can feel empty and lonely. Plus, even though it may be hot and exhausting when they move in at the end of summer, it won’t be long before the weather turns cool. That’s why a duraflame® electric stove heater can be the perfect solution to give them the warmth of home and help them concentrate on school.

One like the Infragen 3D Panoramic Stove Heater features a 5,200 BTU heater that allows students to create a supplemental zone heating zone strategy for up to 1,000 square feet, which can help save money when they can turn down the thermostat and add heat to the space they’re in – when and where they need it. And, in many cases, that’s a larger area than their entire apartment! They’ll thank you all winter long for this eco-friendly device that requires no venting or gas lines. Its other features include:

  • Keeps air comfortable, rather than drying it out
  • Three-sided panoramic views of dancing 3D Flame® Effects
  • Five adjustable brightness settings
  • Durable metal body construction
  • Electronic timer for automated shut off
  • Five different finishes (black, bronze, cinnamon, cream, and French Gray)
How can I make sure my new college student will stay warm?
A duraflame electric stove heater can make any college apartment feel cozier.

TV Stand

The common area may have been non-existent, or at least may not have demanded much attention when living in the dorms, but in an apartment, roommates suddenly need to think about how to make those common spaces homey and functional for everyone involved.

A TV stand designed for small spaces can take on a whole new importance. A sliding barn door TV stand can add fun farmhouse style – at a surprisingly affordable price – while holding the TV and offering storage for audio components and game systems. But they come in many different styles to accommodate any taste from rustic chic to modern or contemporary styles. And all with a variety of storage options.

Another great option is a TV stand that solves audio problems, like the Cottonwood Bluetooth® Compatible TV Stand from Twin Star Home, which allows college students to stream their music and wire their TV sound to the built-in speakers if they want – all with that rustic farmhouse feeling. Or, for styles that tend a little more toward shiny, there’s also a glam Bluetooth® compatible model with mirrored doors.

Where can I find a TV stand with integrated Bluetooth(R) compatible speakers?
A TV stand with integrated Bluetooth compatible speakers makes life simple.

Lift-Top Coffee Table

Lift-top coffee table can be a college student’s best friend. Not only can it serve as a stylish piece that ties the living area together, but it can also double as a desk. While sitting on the couch, a lift-top coffee table makes a great place for doing homework. And when it’s time for a study break, the elevated top can also serve as a dining table. Some even offer storage space inside the tabletop to keep remotes, cords, and more out of sight. Los Angeles-based interior designer, Jeanne Chung, uses tables like these as her secret weapon against clutter.

“One of my secret hacks is to incorporate a coffee table that has storage built into it, so you can just flip the top and throw everything in there,” Chung said.

It’s one of the many reasons this multipurpose solution perfect for smaller spaces.

Where can I find a lift-top coffee table that is accent furniture my college student can use?
A lift-top coffee table is a great, multi-functional place for homework, relaxing, or even eating dinner.

Get Organized with Accent Furniture that Wows

It’s no secret that space in college apartments comes at a premium, especially with multiple roommates. That’s why anything that helps with organization is essential.

For a piece students can move around, consider the Genevieve Rolling Filing Cabinet (FC7506-I622). Whether they have a few significant documents to keep safe or just need a place to hide their favorite snacks from hungry roommates, this stylish filing cabinet can do more than just store. Laptops, cell phones and other devices will stay fully charged with its integrated charging station, which includes two outlets and two USB power ports. Plus, it can be rolled around the apartment to wherever a charging station or extra surface is needed, transforming into a living room side table, nightstand and more.

Accent Furniture to Foster Success – Writing Desks and Standing Desks

Developing healthy work habits during college is essential for a strong work ethic in the real world. After all, there are very slim pickings when it comes to jobs that mesh well with hunching over a laptop from bed. A nice writing desk makes a great place to study and encourages success both during and after college. One with integrated USB charging like the industrial one shown below can make life even easier.

If there’s room, a Twin Star Home™ favorite is the Uptown Loft Command Central Desk (OD6490-52-PD01), which features a top drawer for office supplies, a larger center drawer and a bottom file drawer for documents. It also features a dual-sided work area for the ideal space for working on group projects with fellow students. Or a desk with integrated USB charging like the one below is another great hack.

Where can I find a writing desk with USB charging for my college apartment?
A simple writing desk with USB charging can help set your student up for success.

What about a standing desk? For students with a clustered class schedule, this could make all the difference after sitting all day long. The Ashford™ ActiveLife™ Standing Desk (ODP10556-48D908) will encourage them to get up and stretch with reminders to stand up with GetActive™ timer alerts. It features an adjustable height range from 29.5” to 47”, as well as a glass top that is dry-erase friendly so they can stay on top of their assignments and errands. It even has an integrated charging station that includes three 2.4 amp USB inputs to keep devices fully powered while listening to music, streaming shows and studying, of course. And, on top of all that, it’s easy to assemble.

Is a standing desk good accent furniture for a college apartment?
An adjustable height desk is a great way for college students to keep studying even when they are tired of sitting.

Versatile Accent Furniture to Help Conquer College

When the school year begins, any student will be well prepared for whatever life throws their way with any of these accent furniture pieces from Twin Star Home™. Whether they just escaped the dorms during their undergraduate studies or are returning to school for a graduate degree, there are unique and multifunctional TV stands, coffee tables and more to complete any apartment. For more ideas or information, contact Twin Star Home™ today.