Wicker patio furniture sits in someone's backyard on a sunny day.

3 Ways Your Patio Furniture Can Make Staying Home Better

Even if you are a homebody at heart, the new norm of staying home can be less than easy to say the least. However, a simple shift in perspective can make all that social distancing a bit brighter. Consider extending all the ways you live life into your backyard. Here’s how the right patio furniture and a little bit of sunshine can make staying home a little, if not vastly better.

Being Outside is Simply Good for You

It’s true. Science tells us that spending time outside can lead to significant health benefits. With all kinds of positive consequences ranging from improved focus to fighting off anxiety and depression, being outdoors has major de-stressing effects.

A conversation set with red cushions sits on a covered patio.

Modular outdoor furniture makes it easy to change the layout of your patio as needed.

So, that new fitness app you’ve been thinking about trying? Give it a go outside. Or how about that DIY project you’ve been wanting to do? Bring it out into the yard. When it’s time to rest, take a seat on comfy patio furniture like an outdoor chaise or conversation set. Adding a modular conversation set to your patio is ideal since you can move the pieces to suit your needs. The set seen above from Wayfair can be rearranged to fit your backyard space. More importantly, you can configure it to make space for your yoga mat, craft table or study space.

A patio furniture umbrella with a black pole and blue shade sits outside on a patio.

Complete the look of your backyard design while getting some shade with an umbrella.

If you live in a particularly sunny area or you’re looking for prolonged outdoor time, you should also think about adding an umbrella to your set up. With an umbrella like the one seen above, you can get longer patio time while still being safe from harmful sun rays. It also comes in ten colors, so you can stay shady in style.

A Change in Scenery Can Fend Off Boredom

Sometimes when we do the same thing for so long, it’s easy for boredom to creep in and get the best of us. Even if we are working from home or being productive every day, being inside can drive us a little stir crazy. But we don’t have to reinvent the wheel with tons of brand-new hobbies to stay content. You can simply take parts of your daily routine outside.

An outdoor dining set makes eating out easy while staying home.

Outdoor dining is an easy and fun way to start getting some time outside.

Next time you feel a bit of cabin fever coming on, change things up by having lunch on the patio. If you have little ones, take their coloring books or crafts out onto a table in the sunshine. A bar set like the one above from Wayfair gives your backyard some patio furniture for a great multipurpose space. You can use it for meals, catching up with friends over a Zoom call, and many other things that you already love to do.

Bring the Family Closer with Patio Furniture… Or Spread Out

Every family is different. Some have tight-knit bonds where every experience and emotion are shared. Other families may need space to decompress throughout the day. (If the words “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” echo in your head, we know what you’re going through.) The good news is that no matter what type of family you have, an outdoor space to relax and get fresh air will help.

Wicker patio furniture including a conversation set and coffee table sit on a backyard patio.

A big modular conversation set lets you get out of the house and get comfy.

The 10-piece modular conversation set above can be configured for almost any backyard layout. It also includes a table with storage for keeping fun outdoor activities, workout accessories, and more. Better yet, it offers plenty of space for all the kiddos to spread out. Or, it can give your teenager who has had enough of little Susie a nice escape for the afternoon.

A fire pit on a patio helps staying home feel a little bit cozier.

An outdoor fire pit like this one is sure to spark conversation and bonding.

In some homes, these uncertain times have made it clear that family togetherness is now more important than ever. When emotions run high, a loving game night outside can help us smile and make life seem more normal. Some conversation in comfy chairs around a firepit like the one above can help to warm our hearts and help us to appreciate what matters most.

Where to Find Patio Furniture to Make Staying Home Better

While this time of staying home can be difficult, try to take comfort in your home and all it can be for you. For more ideas and inspiration on turning your shelter into a sanctuary, keep up with @TwinStarHome on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also get our newsletter filled with other great blogs and trending style delivered right to your email. Stay tuned, and remember, we got this – we’re all in this together.