The Swedish Classics Series

3 Multifunctional Furniture Solutions for Small Spaces

No matter how much space we have, it always fills up and we need more. It’s human nature to spread out, especially when space permits. We know that as the world gets more crowded, new homes, condos, townhouses, and apartments have been shrinking. With the exception of true luxury properties, most new homes have grown smaller every decade since the late 1960s, but this trend has accelerated in speed since 2000.

It’s a known fact that savvy real estate developers use every visual trick in the book to maximize their return on investments by maximizing the number of units they can squeeze into a parcel of land. However, with careful planning and a few helpful tips on how to utilize your space, you can stretch it both visually and functionally. Here are a few tips:


 are pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. They stretch space and often save money as well. When combined with fashionable styles, these dual- purpose pieces can provide you many years of use and great pleasure.

Example 1:

Twin Star Home’s series of multi-functional TV stands with built-in fireplaces. These innovative furniture pieces provide not only storage space, but some also include built-in speakers and adjustable heat setting features with a 3D ClassicFlame™ fireplace. Plus, they offer the added convenience of either a great resting place for your large flat screen TV, or if you prefer, you can hang the TV on the wall – then the stand doubles as a buffet or service area when space is at a premium. These combination, dual-purpose pieces are available in many styles, sizes, and finishes.

Loft with fireplace

Uptown Loft Collection
Bluetooth Compatible TV Stand with Optional ClassicFlame® 3D Electric Fireplace

Example 2.

Twin Star Home’s Wine Cabinet with Optional ClassicFlame® Infinity Electric Fireplace is also a multifunctional item for a small studio or a one bedroom ‘starved for space’ apartment which can be used as a fireplace in the winter months. When warm weather returns, remove and store the fireplace insert. Then use the Infinity cabinet shell to store wine or other beverages during summer entertaining.

Modern Dweller Collection
Wine Cabinet with Optional ClassicFlame® Infinity Electric Fireplace

Example 3.

The Swedish Classics SeriesTwin Star Home’s WALL STREET configuration in the Swedish Classics collection is another of my favorite space-savers. It only looks like a custom, built-in unit. The bookcases come with and without doors for storage, plus ample space for books or to display beautiful special pieces. You can use one bookcase alone or build out a full wall of bookcases with as many as space permits for that built-in look. Plus, you can leave space between two or more bookcases, add an entertainment center bridge to span over either a large, wall-mounted flat screen TV or artwork hung above a beautiful Twin Star Home mantel and fireplace.

The Swedish Classics Series, part of a fully coordinated collection of pieces for Small Spaces or Great Places.

By Jena Hall